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UAE-Turkish Rivalry Wreaks Regional Havoc In Libya And Syria – Analysis (by James R. Dorsey)

24/05/2020 – The Saudi-Iranian dispute may dominate headlines but a similar rivalry between Turkey and the United Arab Emirates is equally wreaking havoc in the Middle East and North Africa.

While Saudi Arabia may in some ways have a leg up on Iran, Turkey and the UAE are at a virtual draw. Continuer à lire … « UAE-Turkish Rivalry Wreaks Regional Havoc In Libya And Syria – Analysis (by James R. Dorsey) »

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China defence spending rise at three-decade low, still to grow 6.6%

24/05/2020 – China’s defence spending this year will rise at the slowest rate in three decades but will still increase by 6.6% from 2019, as the country grapples with what it sees as growing security threats and a wilting economy. Continuer à lire … « China defence spending rise at three-decade low, still to grow 6.6% »

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Iran is doing business with Russian T-72 tanks in the Middle East and Africa

24/05/2020 – Soviet tanks modernized by Iran became popular in the Middle East and African countries. The fact is that Iran does not produce world-class weapons systems, but succeeds in updating old models of equipment from other countries and selling them, writes The National Interest. Continuer à lire … « Iran is doing business with Russian T-72 tanks in the Middle East and Africa »

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Dakar, a “White” Queen of West Africa Drug Trafficking

24/05/2020 – As a strategic port, Dakar has become a true regional transport hub for the Senegalese economy. Drug dealers also want to use the port to export drugs to Europe, despite the risks involved.

From January to April 2020, the Senegalese Navy and customs reported the confiscation of 6 tonnes of hashish and 120 kilograms of cocaine during raids on the high seas as well as in the port of Dakar. Impressive raids were also carried out in 2019, when the number of potent drugs seizures sharply increased. As a result of six major operations, at least 2,079 kilograms of cocaine were confiscated.
Continuer à lire … « Dakar, a “White” Queen of West Africa Drug Trafficking »

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Libya’s intelligence chief dies of heart attack

10/05/2020 – Libyan intelligence chief Abdul Qader al-Tuhami died of a heart attack at his home in the capital Tripoli on Sunday, according to a local security source.

The Libyan government has yet to confirm al-Tuhami’s death.

Al-Tuhami had served as an officer in the external security service under late ruler Muammar Gaddafi.

In April 2017, he was appointed by Libya’s Presidential Council as head of the intelligence service.

Anadolu Agency

Sahel-Elite (Bamako-Mali)

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Turkish A400Ms deliver medical supplies to South Africa, return with munitions

10/05/2020 – Turkish Air Force A400M Atlas transport aircraft have been flying to and from South Africa over the last several days, delivering donated medical equipment and returning with munitions from Rheinmetall Denel Munition (RDM). Continuer à lire … « Turkish A400Ms deliver medical supplies to South Africa, return with munitions »

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Russian, Syrian co-operating moving militia to Libya – claim

10/05/2020 – The US does not support the offensive byLibya’s eastern-based military leader Khalifa Haftar against Tripoli and believes Russia is working with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to move militia fighters and equipment to Libya, senior US officials said. Continuer à lire … « Russian, Syrian co-operating moving militia to Libya – claim »

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Algeria’s Sonatrach signs MOU with Russia’s Lukoil

09/05/2020 – Sonatrach has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Russia’s Lukoil for talks on possible partnerships in production and exploration in the North African country, Algeria’s state energy firm said on Monday.The agreement includes discussions on joint investment abroad, Sonatrach said in a statement. Continuer à lire … « Algeria’s Sonatrach signs MOU with Russia’s Lukoil »

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Algerian Military Conducts Live Ammunition Exercise Near Morocco’s Border

09/05/2020 – The chief of the Algerian armed forces, General Said Chengriha, attended a military exercise of his army near the Moroccan border. The timing and location of the exercise, as well as the use of live ammunition, raise many questions about the motives behind Chengriha’s visit. Continuer à lire … « Algerian Military Conducts Live Ammunition Exercise Near Morocco’s Border »

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Russia / Libya – US: Moscow’s position strengthened by presence of Wagner in Libya

09/05/2020 – The United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Maghreb and Egypt, Henry Wooster, said that the US is seeking to end the conflict in Libya and return to political dialogue. Continuer à lire … « Russia / Libya – US: Moscow’s position strengthened by presence of Wagner in Libya »

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Scoop: Turkish Intelligence Chief Visits Libya

09/05/2020 – Turkish Intelligence Chief Hakan Fidan and officials of the foreign missions of Turkish Intelligence visited Libya nearly a week ago to check on the developments there, according to sources. Continuer à lire … « Scoop: Turkish Intelligence Chief Visits Libya »

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Turkish agenda in Libya targets Sudan and the region; Arman

09/05/2020 – Yasir Arman, deputy head of the SPLM-N, said that Turkish agenda in Libya would negatively affect political stability its neighbouring countries: Sudan, Egypt, Chad and Tunisia.The alliance between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Libya’s Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj has sparked outrage in the region as many point out to his political affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood. Continuer à lire … « Turkish agenda in Libya targets Sudan and the region; Arman »

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Burkina Faso : « risque d’effondrement » du nord menacé par les jhadistes (OPPOSITION)

02/04/2020 – L’Union pour le Progrès et le Changement (UPC), le principal parti d’opposition au Burkina Faso, a alerté jeudi sur un « risque d’effondrement » du nord du pays menacé par des groupes jihadistes. « La région du Sahel, épicentre de la crise sécuritaire et humanitaire, est en train de s’effondrer sans que le gouvernement n’y apporte une solution », a déclaré le vice-président de l’UPC, Amadou Diemdioda Dicko, lors d’une conférence de presse. Continuer à lire … « Burkina Faso : « risque d’effondrement » du nord menacé par les jhadistes (OPPOSITION) »

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Mali / Niger /Burkina Faso : Paris et G5 Sahel sollicitent le Tchad dans la zone des « trois frontières »

02/04/2020 La France et les pays du G5 Sahel ont insisté lundi dernier sur l’envoi « dès que possible » de 500 soldats tchadiens dans la région dite des « trois frontières », en proie à de fréquentes attaques jihadistes, entre Mali, Niger et Burkina Faso. Continuer à lire … « Mali / Niger /Burkina Faso : Paris et G5 Sahel sollicitent le Tchad dans la zone des « trois frontières » »

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Sudan leader: Israel is not our enemy

01/05/2020 – Head of Sudan’s Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah Al Burhan, said on Saturday that his country does not have any hostility with anyone, including Israel.

Speaking to a Sudanese TV channel, Al Burhan answered a question about hostility with Israel saying: “Sudan should not be in a state of hostility with any party, religion or sect.” Continuer à lire … « Sudan leader: Israel is not our enemy »

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Libya accuses Russia’s Wagner of using chemical weapon

22/04/2020 – Russian private military contractor Wagner was accused by Libya’s interior minister on Wednesday of carrying out a chemical attack in Libya.

Wagner mercenaries used nerve agent against Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA) forces in Salah al-Din area in southern Tripoli, Fathi Bashagha told reporters. Continuer à lire … « Libya accuses Russia’s Wagner of using chemical weapon »

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La Côte d’Ivoire enregistre un chiffre d’affaires de 1 milliard $ dans le secteur aurifère en 2019

01/04/2020 – La Côte d’Ivoire projette un chiffre d’affaires de 641 milliards FCFA (environ 1,062 milliard $) dans le secteur aurifère en 2020, contre un total de 622 milliards FCFA (1,02 milliard $) réalisé en 2019. L’information a été donnée, le 29 avril 2020, par le ministre ivoirien de la Communication, Sidi Touré, à l’issue du Conseil des ministres. Continuer à lire … « La Côte d’Ivoire enregistre un chiffre d’affaires de 1 milliard $ dans le secteur aurifère en 2019 »

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Afrique du Sud : A moyen terme, le coronavirus pourrait stimuler la demande mondiale d’hélium

01/05/2020 – Selon Renergen, un producteur sud-africain de gaz naturel liquéfié et d’hélium, le COVID-19 pourrait stimuler la demande d’hélium à moyen terme, car les hôpitaux font actuellement des stocks de matériels médicaux qui utilisent ce gaz. Les appareils d’IRM par exemple fonctionnent avec de l’hélium pour le refroidissement. Continuer à lire … « Afrique du Sud : A moyen terme, le coronavirus pourrait stimuler la demande mondiale d’hélium »

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Tchad : vers la construction d’un port sec dans l’est du pays pour l’intensification des échanges avec le Soudan

01/05/2020 – Le gouvernement tchadien et la Banque islamique de développement (BID) étudient la faisabilité de la construction d’un port sec entre Adré et Abougoulème dans l’est du pays. Le représentant de la BID au Tchad, Ali Ousmane Khassim, l’a fait savoir mercredi au cours de la signature de l’accord de financement de 146 millions de dollars pour le bitumage de la route Abougoulème-Abéché (95 km). Continuer à lire … « Tchad : vers la construction d’un port sec dans l’est du pays pour l’intensification des échanges avec le Soudan »

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Belarus to produce UAVs in Egypt

30/04/2020 – Belarus will manufacture unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in Egypt under an agreement signed earlier this year.

This is according to the Chairman of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Vladimir Gusakov, news company BelTA reported on 20 February. Continuer à lire … « Belarus to produce UAVs in Egypt »

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Niger’s National Guard to receive an additional Delair UAV

30/04/2020 – Niger’s National Guard is set to take delivery of a fourth unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) from French company Delair, after having received three aircraft in November last year.

The delivery of the fourth UAV was reported by Africa Intelligence earlier this month. Continuer à lire … « Niger’s National Guard to receive an additional Delair UAV »

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Rosatom urges Nigeria, others to adopt modular nuclear reactors

30/04/2020  – Russia’s state-run nuclear energy corporation, Rosatom, has proposed that Nigeria and other African countries adopt the use of Small Modular nuclear Reactors (SMR) to address the perennial power shortage that they face. Continuer à lire … « Rosatom urges Nigeria, others to adopt modular nuclear reactors »

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Le Tchad abolit totalement la peine de mort

30/04/2020 – L’Assemblée nationale tchadienne a adopté mardi à l’unanimité la nouvelle loi contre le terrorisme qui abolit la peine de mort, ainsi abrogeant totalement la peine de mort au Tchad.La peine de mort avait été réintroduite par une loi en 2015 pour punir le terrorisme. Cette loi a été votée après la série des attentats perpétrés, entre juin et juillet 2015, par le groupe terroriste Boko Haram dans la capitale tchadienne et qui avait fait 67 morts (dont 10 kamikazes) et 182 blessés.

Fin août 2015, dix membres de Boko Haram condamnés à mort sur la base de cette loi, avaient été exécutés.


Sahel-Elite (Bamako-Mali)

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Centrafrique : premier tour de la présidentielle programmée le 27 décembre 2020

30/04/2020 – Le premier tour de la prochaine élection présidentielle en République centrafricaine aura lieu le 27 décembre 2020, selon le nouveau calendrier électoral publié mercredi par l’Autorité nationale des élections (ANE).Les résultats provisoires du premier tour seront proclamés le 4 janvier 2021, et les résultats définitifs le 23 janvier 2021, a précisé l’ANE. Continuer à lire … « Centrafrique : premier tour de la présidentielle programmée le 27 décembre 2020 »

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Pentagon officials say Russia’s presence in Libya more dangerous than ISIS

US defense and US Africa Command (AFRICOM) officials have told the US-based Washington Examiner that Russia inserted a paramilitary group in Libya to support Khalifa Haftar and position itself on the southern flank of NATO, adding that their presence is a graver danger than ISIS in the southern region of the war-ravaged country.

The newspaper said on Tuesday that the Russians are acting out on US strategic interests in North Africa, but at the same time, doing it at a low cost, because if they mess up, then the Kremlin has plausible deniability.

The US official told Washington Examiner that it is really about access in Libya for Russia and about having access to the ports, to the oil, as well as having a reason to be in the Eastern Mediterranean.

“When we talk about Russia, we have to be specific that it’s really the military contractors from Russia, the Wagner Group are there, and it’s really not the Russian government, the Russian military, that is in Libya. » The official explained.

He added that when Russia is pressed by the United Nations on their influence and impact in Libya, they would be quick to say that they are not really present there.

Since the U.S. departure from Libya following Haftar’s attack on Tripoli in April 2019, Russia has been strengthening its military partnership in Libya, said Kimberly Marten, chairwoman of the political science department at Barnard College, speaking at a Center for Strategic and International Studies forum Tuesday.

“There have been reports that they are people who are sharpshooters,” she said of the elite Wagner mercenaries operating on behalf of Haftar in Libya, adding that they have really been the pointy end of the stick, making a big difference in what Haftar is able to do.

Another defense official told the American newspaper that the Russian private military contractor, referring to Wagner Group, has been in Libya and other parts of the African continent since early 2018.

AFRICOM Navy Lt. Christina Gibson told the Washington Examiner in a statement that the command sees Russia increasingly using private military contractors for military training and security assistance, which offers Moscow greater flexibility to achieve its geopolitical and economic goals.

A senior defense official said if the US didn’t have a military presence in Libya – in a partner-building capacity or whatever – it would be put really far behind.

The senior defense official added: « From a military perspective, going back in would allow us to be engaged in training, as well as some US influence on the activities within the government of Libya, as well as allows us to keep track of ISIS Libya and other groups.”

« We believe that there will be a need in the future, an opportunity for us to get back into Libya again, but it’s a little difficult to answer that given the current crisis ongoing there and uncertainties that we’re seeing in Libya.” The US defense official said.

The Libya Observer

Sahel-Elite (Bamako-Mali)

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Hydrocarbures/Niger: Les réserves récupérables de pétrole ont été portées à 953 millions de barils et les réserves en gaz à plus de 24 milliards de m3

28/04/2020 – Ces dernières années, le Niger a attribué plusieurs permis de recherche et des autorisations exclusives d’exploitation minière.Ce qui a permis une amélioration significative des réserves du pétrole et de gaz naturel. Continuer à lire … « Hydrocarbures/Niger: Les réserves récupérables de pétrole ont été portées à 953 millions de barils et les réserves en gaz à plus de 24 milliards de m3 »

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Togo, Niger, Benin owe Nigeria N30bn in electricity, NERC

28/04/2020 – The Republics of Togo, Niger and Benin owe Nigeria a total of N29.97bn for the electricity supplied to them from January to September last year, according to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC). Continuer à lire … « Togo, Niger, Benin owe Nigeria N30bn in electricity, NERC »

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UAE-contracted arms dealer accused of smuggling mercenaries to Libya

28/04/2020-  Malta’s judiciary accused a local arms dealer – contracted by an Emirati company – of violating the sanctions imposed on Libya.

Times of Malta newspaper reported on Saturday that arms dealer James Fenish, 41, used military rubber boats to get mercenaries out of Libya without notifying the authorities. Continuer à lire … « UAE-contracted arms dealer accused of smuggling mercenaries to Libya »

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African military spending up nearly 20% over the last decade

28/04/2020 – Over the last ten years, African military spending grew by 17%, rising to $41.2 billion in 2019, according to new research from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), which reports that last year the world recorded the largest annual growth in military spending since 2010, rising 3.6% from 2018 to $1.917 trillion. Continuer à lire … « African military spending up nearly 20% over the last decade »

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France Should Give Mali Space to Negotiate with Jihadists

16/04/2020 – On March 8, al-Qaeda’s affiliate in the Sahel region — Jama‘at Nusrat al-Islam wa-l-Muslimin (“The Group for Supporting Islam and Muslims” or JNIM) — released a communiqué accepting an offer by the Malian government to negotiate a peace. The jihadists set only one precondition for entering into negotiations: “Ending the racist, arrogant, French Crusader occupation.” Continuer à lire … « France Should Give Mali Space to Negotiate with Jihadists »

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How US troops survived a little-known al-Qaeda raid in Mali two years ago

16/04/2020 – U.S. troops were part of a multinational force that repelled a brazen daytime raid by militants inside the United Nations Super Camp near Timbuktu Airport in Mali two years ago, according to award documents obtained by Military Times. Continuer à lire … « How US troops survived a little-known al-Qaeda raid in Mali two years ago »

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Military from second rotation of Carpathian Pumas Detachment mission take off for Mali

16/04/2020 – About 120 servicemen securing the second rotation of the Carpathian Pumas Detachment mission took off for Mali on Thursday.

They are participating in the UN Integrated Multidimensional Stabilization Mission in the Republic of Mali, informs the Ministry of National Defense (MApN). Continuer à lire … « Military from second rotation of Carpathian Pumas Detachment mission take off for Mali »

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The UK Joins an Unwinnable Fight in the Sahel

13/04/2020 – The UK is set to deploy additional troops to the Sahel, but currently lacks a clear strategy.

The fight against Islamist groups in the Sahel is expanding. Operation Takuba, France’s latest counterterrorism operation in the Sahel, will be made up of special forces from France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Mali, the Netherlands, Niger, Portugal, Sweden and a political support team from the UK. France will deploy roughly 500 troops, the Czech Republic 60, Estonia 50, with remaining countries yet to confirm deployment numbers. Norway, which had indicated its willingness to deploy special forces, has now withdrawn its offer.

Takuba –­ meaning ‘sabre’ in Tuareg ­– will have four priorities: counterterrorism, military capacity-building, redeployment of state authority and development. The mission will operate within the tri-border areas of Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger and be headquartered in the Liptako region, near a French military base in the Nigerien city of Niamey. The operation is designed to eradicate groups like the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara, which is led by Abu Walid Al-Sahrawi.

The UK is committing 250 troops (from the Light Dragoon Guards and the Royal Anglian Regiment) as part of the UK’s long-range reconnaissance force, deployed alongside the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA). According to the International Civil Service Union – an expert body established by the UN General Assembly –  at least 423 UN and associated personnel have been killed in deliberate attacks in Mali as a result of IEDs, rocket and artillery fire, mortar shells, land mines, grenades, suicide attacks, targeted assassinations, and armed ambushes.

An Overcrowded Space

Operation Takuba is designed to improve coordination, equipment and training. The operation is intended to complement an already crowded regional security environment which includes France’s Operation Barkhane, MINUSMA, the regional G5 Sahel and other supporting and training missions, including the US-led Trans-Saharan Counterterrorism Initiative. The G5 Sahel was established in 2014 but has been operationally active since July 2017. This French-led initiative was designed to facilitate regional coordination and to train 5,000 local troops from Mali, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad so they can combat security threats under a single command.

Despite international and regional efforts, the levels of violence in the Sahel have been rising. On the one hand, old grievances have manifested themselves between nomadic herding and farming communities leading to clashes and the creation of local self-defence and militia groups. On the other hand, new grievances around governance, security and development, perpetuated by the ineffectiveness of the regional and the international responses, has created new grievances which are being used as a recruitment drive by Islamic groups. Despite the presence of national, regional and international militaries and training programmes there is still no strategy to deal with the root causes of the grievances and their associated conflicts.

Local grievances and the Jihadist Fight

Conflict in the region has intensified and evolved. Since 2015, the violence in Mali has spread to Burkina Faso, but there has been no clear international response and the situation has continued to deteriorate, spreading to the borders with neighbouring countries. There is no formal peace process with any of the groups operating in Mali. Groups such as the Macina Liberation Front, an offshoot of Ansar Al-Din, continue to take advantage of the largely unprotected borders. Local militia and Islamist groups like Ansaroul Islam, Al-Qa’ida in the Islamic Maghreb, and the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara control vast parts of this area, with no government presence.

Over time the operations of the Islamist groups have evolved from small-scale ambushes with IEDs, to large-scale tactical and coordinated operations. Their activities now include the operation of illicit economies, trafficking, and the control of gold mines.

Clashes between nomadic herders and sedentary farming communities provide a key opportunity for Islamist groups operating within the Sahel. As a strategy, Islamist groups seek to embed themselves in communities and to recruit locally. They establish themselves as actors in local governance systems, offering security, aid and adjudicating disputes that often take months or years for the state to resolve, and providing a channel for disaffected individuals and communities to mobilise in response to grievances. Once recruited, local people provide knowledge, and logistic and operational support.

Challenges facing the UK’s deployment to the Sahel

Since 2000, both the US and the EU – and, in particular, France – have deepened their engagement in Africa, with a focus on security. Many of these security programmes and partnerships have produced mixed results. While they have contained widespread instability, they have not done enough to address the root causes of conflict and instability and have added new layers of insecurity which is now spreading throughout parts of Africa.

The UK government views troop deployment as crucial to fighting terrorism in the region. 30 soldiers from the Royal Marines and 1 Scots Guards are already conducting counterterrorism training with West African troops in Senegal. A further 100 UK personnel currently operate in Mali, from where the UK supports French forces with Chinook helicopters. Yet, to date, the government has failed to demonstrate how the proposed deployment of 250 reconnaissance troops fits into a long-term strategy for peace and security in the region.

Before the UK deploys troops, the government should, therefore, conduct an accurate analysis based on the following questions:

  • Have all means of peace been exhausted? What is its plan for achieving sustainable peace in the region?
  • Will UK troops be adequately equipped? Do the mission commanders understand the regional context enough to have a significant impact and are they willing to learn from their African counterparts? How will UK forces deal with issues of accountability in an urban warfare setting? How will President Donald Trump’s intention to pull US forces out of the Sahel impact UK operations?
  • Should the UK take a different approach? Does arming states in the region without a long-term strategy of disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration and security sector reform risk contributing to the establishment of authoritarian regimes? Does military support create further dependency, and will this cause African leaders to be less accountable to their populations?
  • Will opportunities to deal with the root causes of the conflict be missed and what impact will this have on issues like migration, reintegration, development and democracy.
  • Finally, as Africa is already seeing an influx of international private security contractors filling its fragile security space, does UK involvement further risk blurring the lines of accountability and increasing the chances for states to use counterinsurgency operations as a mechanism for abusing human rights?

What the UK could do in the Sahel

The current UK strategy in the region – which consists of opening embassies in the Sahel, sending troops and a few Department for International Development projects will not reduce the threat of terrorism. Instead, the UK should consider the following actions:

  • Support international and national instruments of dialogue to bring communities closer and help support the creation of a comprehensive and sustainable peace project. Fund peace programmes and encourage tools like dialogue, local peacebuilding, negotiations and conflict mitigation to be adopted.
  • Create synergy by offering support for existing Africa military operations.
  • Create a pan-Africa–UK initiative, focusing on combatting instability and violence though early-warning response to conflict and fragility, strengthening state capacities, and building strong and sustainable institutions with integrated support from the MoD, FCO, Stabilisation Unit, civil service, Metropolitan police and parliament.
      • Focus on building accountable and strong states through institutional training, intelligence-gathering and capacity-building with embedded accountability mechanisms.
      • Increase programming support for fragile and conflict-affected states through the UK Conflict, Stability and Security Fund with support from the UN Development Programme.There is a unique opportunity for the UK to support sustainable peace and conflict prevention by moving towards an approach that uses accountability mechanisms to support African troops. On the civilian side, providing and supporting counter-violent extremism programmes and training would help reduce people joining armed groups. The above suggestions would help to stem the overall levels of violence and help place parts of the region onto a path of dialogue and avoid fuelling old and new conflicts.Andrew Tchie| RUSI
        The views expressed in this Commentary are the author’s, and do not represent those of RUSI or any other institution.

        BANNER IMAGE: Courtesy of TM1972/Wikimedia Commons
        Sahel-Elite (Bamako-Mali)

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Chad’s army says it will continue joint operations against jihadists

12/04/2020 – Chad’s government said on Sunday that its army would continue to participate in regional taskforces targeting jihadist groups, as well as the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Mali, following President Idriss Deby’s suggestion it might withdraw its troops. Continuer à lire … « Chad’s army says it will continue joint operations against jihadists »

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Niger/Coronavirus : Des musulmans ont brûlé des commissariats et des écoles en représailles à la fermeture des lieux de culte

25/03/2020 – Au Niger des musulmans ont brûlé des commissariats et des écoles en représailles à la fermeture des lieux de culte.
Ils se sont soulevés à Mirriyah contre la fermeture temporaire des Mosquées. Des classes en paillotes sont brûlées et la gendarmerie locale assiégée suite à l’arrestation d’un marabout qui refusait de se plier aux dispositions prises par les autorités.


Sahel-Elite (Bamako-Mali)

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Mali – Le Haut Conseil Islamique du Mali adhère pleinement aux consignes sanitaires du gouvernement

25/03/2020 – Le Haut Conseil Islamique du Mali appelle les musulmans à mettre en oeuvre les mesures de prévention du gouvernement. Continuer à lire … « Mali – Le Haut Conseil Islamique du Mali adhère pleinement aux consignes sanitaires du gouvernement »

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Mali – Communiqué de l’URD suite à la disparition de l’honorable Soumaïla Cissé, Chef de file de l’opposition malienne, et sa délégation

L’URD a le regret d’informer l’opinion nationale et internationale que son Président, l’honorable Soumaïla Cissé, Chef de file de l’opposition malienne, et sa délégation en campagne pour les élections législatives dans la circonscription électorale de Niafunké, sont portés disparus depuis 15h30 ce mercredi 25 mars 2020.

Ils quittaient Saraféré pour se rendre à Koumaïra où ils étaient attendus vers 16h30. Ni le président de l’URD ni aucun membre de sa délégation ne sont joignables sur leur téléphone actuellement.

Le parti est profondément inquiet de la situation et invite le Gouvernement , les forces armées et de sécurité, la Minusma à déployer toutes leurs énergies pour les retrouver.

L’URD suivra avec l’attention requise l’évolution de la situation.

Puisse Dieu les ramener en bonne santé !

Bamako, le 25 mars 2020

Le secrétaire à la communication

Maitre Demba Traoré
Officier de l’Ordre Nationa

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Russia records $1 billion in military orders from Africa over the last six months

25/03/2020 – African countries have ordered around $1 billion worth of military hardware from Russia over the last six months, according to Russian officials, as Russia keeps its position as one of the world’s top arms exporters. Continuer à lire … « Russia records $1 billion in military orders from Africa over the last six months »

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Mauritanie/Mali – Fermeture de la frontière entre les deux pays

25/03/2020 – Dans un communiqué rendu public ce mardi 24 Mars 2020 et dont une copie est parvenue à l’Agence Mauritanienne d’Information (AMI), le ministère de l’Intérieur et de la Décentralisation a annoncé la fermeture de la frontière entre notre pays et la République du Mali. Cette mesure a été décidée en commun accord par les deux présidents des deux pays. Continuer à lire … « Mauritanie/Mali – Fermeture de la frontière entre les deux pays »

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Officials: Sudanese defense minister dies of heart attack

25/03/2020 – Sudan’s defense minister, Gen. Gamal al-Din Omar, died Wednesday of a heart attack while on an official visit to neighboring South Sudan, Sudanese military and government officials said Wednesday. He was 60.

Omar was in South Sudan’s capital of Juba, taking part in peace talks between his country’s transitional government and rebel groups, the officials said. He attended meetings that stretched into late Tuesday and died early Wednesday, the officials said. The was no further information. Continuer à lire … « Officials: Sudanese defense minister dies of heart attack »

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Intense fighting rocks Libya as new battle erupts for airbase

25/03/2020 – An intense bombardment shook Tripoli through the night and a new battle erupted at an airbase outside the capital, hours after Libya reported its first case of coronavirus and despite U.N. calls for ceasefires around the world during the epidemic. Continuer à lire … « Intense fighting rocks Libya as new battle erupts for airbase »

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National Assembly of Libyan Scholars and Sheiks voices support for orders to close mosques

25/03/2020 – The National Assembly of Libyan Scholars and Sheiks have called on all imams, preachers to abide by the authorities’ decision to close mosques during this period, in order to preserve lives.

« The coronavirus pandemic should unite everyone and end disputes, » the assembly mentioned in a statement Sunday, urging citizens to abide by the Presidential Council’s decision to impose curfews and to stay at home until this ordeal is over.

It also criticized acts exploiting the current circumstance, including driving up prices saying that it’s an infringement and unjust act, according to the statement.

The Libya Observer

Sahel-Elite (Bamako-Mali)

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Mali : La Norvège a rejeté une demande française d’envoyer des forces spéciales

24/03/2020 – La Norvège a pour le moment rejeté une demande française d’envoyer des forces spéciales au Mali, invoquant un manque de soutien politique à domicile, a annoncé lundi le gouvernement. La France a recherché un soutien international pour une force de soldats d’élite dirigée par la France pour opérer au Mali, un plan baptisé Opération Takuba.

« Nous sommes préoccupés par l’aggravation de la situation au Sahel et nous comprenons bien la nécessité de créer la task force Takuba », a déclaré le ministre de la Défense Frank Bakke-Jensen dans un communiqué. «Le gouvernement l’a examiné très attentivement et a consulté le Storting (parlement norvégien).» Compte tenu du manque de soutien au Parlement, il a conclu que la Norvège ne participerait pas pour le moment.

La semaine dernière, la Suède a annoncé qu’elle enverrait jusqu’à 150 soldats au Mali pour soutenir l’opération française. La force est censée opérer aux côtés des troupes maliennes sur le terrain.


Sahel-Elite (Bamako-Mali) | Image utilisée juste à titre d’illustration

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Tchad : Déby décide de rester au Lac pour diriger des opérations militaires

24/03/2020 – Le président de la République Idriss Déby va rester dans la province du Lac pour diriger personnellement des opérations militaires contre Boko Haram. Il« refuse de rejoindre son bureau à N’Djaména », après un déplacement mardi à Boma, au Lac, où l’armée a subi hier une attaque meurtrière de Boko Haram, faction d’Aboubakar Shekau. Continuer à lire … « Tchad : Déby décide de rester au Lac pour diriger des opérations militaires »

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Seven Ukrainian sailors captured amid pirate attack on vessel off Africa

23/03/2020 – Seven Ukrainian sailors from the MSC Talia F container ship, flying the flag of Madeira, Portugal, have been captured by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea, off the coast of Africa.

The vessel was heading from the port of Lomé (Togo) to the port of Libreville (Gabon), the Seafarers journal.com said on March 22.

There were 17 crew members on board. During the attack, the pirates captured seven sailors, all of them are reportedly Ukrainian nationals.

There is no further information about the captives. The vessel continued its voyage, the publication said.


Sahel-Elite (Bamako-Mali) | Photo from seafarersjournal.com.

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Russian Arms Exports in 2019 Surpassed $15.2 Billion

23/03/2020 – Russia exported arms worth more than $15.2 billion in 2019, to around 50 different countries, Russian Deputy Defence Minister Alexander Fomin said.

« As of the end of last year, Russia maintains a leading position in the international arms market among the countries that are the main exporters of military products … The volume of exports of military products amounted to over 15.2 billion US dollars », Fomin said in an interview with the Russian Izvestia newspaper.

According to the deputy defence minister, Russia exported arms to around 50 different countries in 2019.

He also added that Russia signed agreements on military cooperation with Burkina Faso, Mali, Sudan, Suriname and the Republic of the Congo last year, which brings the total number of agreements to more than 100.

Sputnik News (Moscow-Russia) |Photo: Sputnik/Valeriy Melnikov

Sahel-Elite (Bamako-Mali)

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Djibouti-Somalia-Kenya submarine cable ready

23/03/2020 – Kenya and Djibouti are now connected through the submarine cable Djibouti Africa Regional Express 1 (Dare1). The cable landed in Mombasa this week and is expected to boost connectivity in the Horn of Africa.

Installation of the more than 5,000-kilometer-long cable is complete and now awaits official launching and pre-test in the next few months. Continuer à lire … « Djibouti-Somalia-Kenya submarine cable ready »

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Endeavour Mining swoops on Semafo to create top Burkina Faso gold miner

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – Endeavour Mining (EDV.TO) said on Monday it will acquire Toronto-listed Semafo (SMF.TO) in a C$1 billion ($690.7 million) deal to create the biggest gold producer in Burkina Faso, increasing its focus on the country despite rising insecurity. Continuer à lire … « Endeavour Mining swoops on Semafo to create top Burkina Faso gold miner »

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Libya: Haftar militias target prison in Tripoli

23/03/2020 – The UN-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) said Tuesday that militias affiliated with Eastern Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar targeted the Ain Zara prison facility in southern Tripoli. Continuer à lire … « Libya: Haftar militias target prison in Tripoli »

Tchad – Le groupe terroriste Boko Haram exécute deux soldats tchadiens

10/05/2020 – Le groupe terroriste Boko Haram a diffusé jeudi une vidéo d’exécution de deux soldats tchadiens, faits prisonniers lors d’une attaque.

Les deux soldats portent des habits militaires, dont l’un le tee-shirt de l’ANT, sigle de l’Armée nationale tchadienne. Continuer à lire … « Tchad – Le groupe terroriste Boko Haram exécute deux soldats tchadiens »