Russia/CAR – Russian Intrigue in the Heart of Africa #military

2018/08/05 – The fact of murdering three Russian journalists in the Central African Republic (CAR) may have serious political repercussions both for the authorities in Bangui and Russia’s interests in the country. The journalists were investigating a Russian private military company; disclosing some information would harm mercenaries from the Wagner Group as well as they would possibly hit the policy implemented by the Kremlin in Africa. Continuer à lire … « Russia/CAR – Russian Intrigue in the Heart of Africa #military »

Vincent Bolloré mis en examen pour « corruption » dans l’affaire des ports africains

2018/07/22 Après deux journées en garde à vue, le milliardaire français Vincent Bolloré est ressorti mercredi soir du bureau des juges financiers parisiens avec une mise en examen retentissante pour « corruption », dans une enquête sur les conditions d’attributions de ses concessions portuaires en Afrique de l’Ouest. Continuer à lire … « Vincent Bolloré mis en examen pour « corruption » dans l’affaire des ports africains »

China’s President Arrives In Africa To Develop Deeper Military Ties With Continent

2018/07/21 – Chinese President Xi Jinping has arrived in Africa on a four-nation visit seeking deeper military and economic ties.
His visit comes as the US, the country’s rival in a bitter trade war, shows little interest in the world’s second most populous continent. Continuer à lire … « China’s President Arrives In Africa To Develop Deeper Military Ties With Continent »

Armed US drones up and running in Niger

2018/07/21 – Armed U.S. drone flights over Niger — which started after four U.S. soldiers were killed in an ambush in October — have put a scare into local militants, the country’s top defense official said.
Earlier this year, U.S. Africa Command quietly began armed unmanned surveillance flights in Niger, adding more firepower in the country where the Oct. 4 attack on a team of Green Berets raised questions about whether troops were carrying out dangerous missions without sufficient backup. Continuer à lire … « Armed US drones up and running in Niger »

Mali/UK – UK deployment in Mali reaches the next stage #ChinookHelicopters

2018/07/19 – British helicopters have arrived in West Africa as the UK’s support to a key French counter-terrorism operation in Mali reaches its next phase.

Three Royal Air Force Chinook helicopters from RAF Odiham, supported by around 90 British troops, are now on the ground and ready to begin providing logistical and troop movement support to our allies. Continuer à lire … « Mali/UK – UK deployment in Mali reaches the next stage #ChinookHelicopters »

How can digital technology help transform Africa’s food system?

2018/07/16 – There’s no question that agriculture is critical to Africa’s biggest development goals. It is fundamental for poverty reduction, economic growth and environment sustainability. African food market continues to grow. It is estimated that African food markets will triple to US$1 trillion from its current US$300 billion value. Farming accounts for 60% of total employment in Sub-Saharan Africa—and food system jobs account for even more. In Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia, the food system is projected to add more jobs than the rest of the economy between 2010 and 2025. Continuer à lire … « How can digital technology help transform Africa’s food system? »

Nuclear Power in Africa? #Uranium #Russia

2018/07/16 – Rosatom—Russia’s state nuclear energy corporation—has recently signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with a number of African nations to build nuclear power plants within their borders. I spoke to David Himbara, a professor of international development and African energy activist, about the likelihood of Rosatom actually building these nuclear plants. Continuer à lire … « Nuclear Power in Africa? #Uranium #Russia »