US, Morocco Committed to Continued Peace, Security

06/12/2019 – During his December 5 visit to Morocco, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with both the Moroccan head of government and the DGSN chief to discuss continued cooperation on security.

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Buhari proposes pool fund for africa trans-regional gas infrastructure

29/11/2019 – President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday said there was a need for African nations to pool resources to put up trans-border and trans-regional energy infrastructure so as to fully leverage the potential of natural gas in the continent. Continuer à lire … « Buhari proposes pool fund for africa trans-regional gas infrastructure »

Guinea-Bissau, Africa’s most famous narco-state, goes to the polls

19/11/2019 – Near the port of Bissau, the capital of Guinea-Bissau, one of Africa’s smallest states, is a neglected monument to past rebellion. A giant fist of black steel commemorates striking dockers gunned down by Portuguese soldiers in 1959. The strike—and subsequent massacre—helped start a war for independence led by the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC), a Soviet-sponsored guerrilla movement. It took power in 1974 when Portugal’s dictatorship fell. Continuer à lire … « Guinea-Bissau, Africa’s most famous narco-state, goes to the polls »

We Should Exempt Africa from the UK-Russia Geopolitical Confrontation

Their differences notwithstanding, the UK and Russia could cooperate in Africa.

Today, neither Russia nor the UK can claim a leadership role in Africa. London reached the peak of its influence there between the First and Second World Wars, when the British Empire had a large part of the continent under its direct control. Moscow’s heydays in Africa were the 1960s and 1970s, when the Soviet Union was the main overseas supporter of the continent’s national liberation movements. The odds are that in the 21st century, the destinies of African countries will depend more on the logic of the emerging global competition between the US and China than on any decisions taken in the Kremlin or Downing Street. Continuer à lire … « We Should Exempt Africa from the UK-Russia Geopolitical Confrontation »

How to contain terrorism in Africa

19/11/2019 – For Africans to contain the increasing tension and insecurity plaguing the continent, member states must seriously consider a return to pre-colonial boundaries, togetherness and joint border security management.

Speakers at the 16th Africa Security Watch Awards and Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), which included military and police chiefs, renowned academia and political leaders from West, Central, South and East African regions agreed on the need to address issues such as religious extremism/ intolerance, bad governance, illiteracy, unemployment and poverty identified as root causes of insecurity in Africa just as participants agreed it was about time the continent developed homegrown lasting solutions to tackle its problems. Continuer à lire … « How to contain terrorism in Africa »

Islamic State Central Africa Province: Rebranding or Coopting of ADF Faction

18/11/2019 – Islamic State (IS), somewhat shockingly, announced the formation of Islamic State Central Africa Province (IS-CAP) nearly seven months ago on April 18, expanding the group’s presence into the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) (The East African, April 19). Details regarding the size or demographics of its forces are murky, but evidence indicates ties to the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), one of the country’s most bellicose militant groups. Many analysts believed the announcement portended a drastic shift in the security environment, but the operations claimed by IS-CAP seemingly indicate that it has only coopted a small faction within the ADF, or that there are only a handful of ADF fighters aligned, or in communication, with IS. Continuer à lire … « Islamic State Central Africa Province: Rebranding or Coopting of ADF Faction »

Ghana operating Otokar Cobra armoured vehicles

18/11/2019 – Ghana is one of the most recent customers for the Turkish Otokar Cobra and Cobra II armoured vehicles, with both models seen in service with the Ghanaian Army earlier this month. Continuer à lire … « Ghana operating Otokar Cobra armoured vehicles »