Libya – Arrest of 13 members of ‘Al-kani’ militia gang

By Rabia Golden

14/09/2020 – The Libyan Army announced on Saturday, the arrest of a villainous gang, consisting of 13 members of ‘Al kani’ militia, in the city of Tarhuna in the western region.

The Media Center for the Volcano of Rage Operation stated that the forces tasked with the protection and security of the Costal Road (Treeq Al-Sahali), arrested the gang members while they attempted to hide in the Hawatim area of Tarhuna.

The Media Center added that the gang consisted of criminal elements who trawled the Al-Sahali Road, engaging in kidnappings and murder of passers-by, just as was their practice during the aggression on Tripoli.

The Libya Observer

Sahel-Elite (Bamako-Mali)

Libyan Army launches military operations to liberate Tarhuna

21/12/2019 – Tarhuna Protection Force of the Libyan Army has announced the start of an operation to liberate the city from what it said a group of corrupts who took the city as a hostage, killed its free people, and forcibly displaced them from their homes.

In a statement, the force called on all the social components of the city to support them in order to eradicate these criminals and mercenaries and return the city to the embrace of the motherland, according to the statement.

The Libyan Army announced yesterday, the success of their operations launched to liberate Tarhuna, confirming that its forces are stationed in several locations in its vicinity.

The Libya Observer