Libya / Mauritania – President of Mauritania: Fighting Terrorism in Africa Requires Solution to Libyan Crisis

19/11/2019 – President Mohamed Weld Al Ghazwani of Mauritania said the world is scene of widespread opinions sceptical of UN Capability and its vital role in the world. ‘Fighting terrorism requires a solution to the crisis in Libya, to restore peace and stability in the entire region, Al Ghazwani said remarks before the Dakar Forum for Peace and Security in Africa, which kicked off here on Monday.

The President indicated that there were a number of initiatives aimed at achieving peace and stability in the region such the Group 5 in the Sahel region, Nouakchott Track and Economic Community Initiative of West Africa, explaining the challenges faced by these initiatives in a space of multiple threats and complexities. He welcomed the initiative brought forward by Germany and France in August within what is known as Partnership for Peace and Stability in the Sahel Region which involves extension of terrorism combating effort in the Sahel region to include west African countries.



Mali: Nothing Religious, Just Business

13/10/2019 – Mali continues to be the most dangerous UN peacekeeping operation with over 200 dead so far. This is largely due to northern Mali, where most of these deaths occur. There was lots of violence up there since (and before) the peacekeepers arrived in early 2013. The peacekeepers are mainly African and in 2018 the combined forces suffered a death rate of about 130 per 100,000 per year (a standard measure of such things.) The rate in 2017 was nearly double that and that high rate seems to be returning in 2019. A lot of the violence has moved south to central Mali. Continuer à lire … « Mali: Nothing Religious, Just Business »

Mali – Worst Jihadist Attack in Years Stokes Anger Over Mali’s Response

13/10/2019 – One of the deadliest militant attacks in the seven-year Islamist insurgency in Mali has stoked fresh anger over the government’s failure to halt jihadist raids, months after protests forced the prime minister to resign. Continuer à lire … « Mali – Worst Jihadist Attack in Years Stokes Anger Over Mali’s Response »

Morocco dismantles ISIS-affiliated cell

05/09/2019 – The Moroccan counter-terrorism office announced on Thursday the dismantling of a terrorist cell composed of five extremists affiliated with ISIS.

In a statement, the Moroccan Interior Ministry said that ages of the extremists vary between 27 and 41, adding that they were active in the cities of Berkane and Nador, northeast of the country.

Moroccan authorities are saying that the cell members were planning to join ISIS camps in the Sahel region, south of the desert, adding that they later “decided to execute terrorist operations targeting sensitive locations in Morocco.”

Al Arabiya

Sahel-Elite | Image: Security forces in Morocco. (AFP)

Mali – Estonia likely to double number of Mali troops

05/09/2019 – Estonia’s contingent in a French-led anti-terrorist operation in the West African country of Mali is set to double, Baltic News Service reports. The move comes as part of a wider strategy of increasing Estonian military participation in various international operations and missions.

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Burkina Faso: Islamic State and al-Qaeda’s New Sanctuary

by Giorgio Cafiero and Daniel Wagner

For many years, violent extremists have exploited the impoverished and lawless Sahel region of Africa. Salafist-jihadist militias have frequently transited through the region’s porous borders, easily taking advantage of local grievances to establish a presence in countries such as Mali and Niger. Consequently, there have been countless terrorist attacks throughout West Africa, including a high-profile attack by al-Qaeda’s North Africa branch against the Ivory Coast’s Grand Bassam in 2016. Continuer à lire … « Burkina Faso: Islamic State and al-Qaeda’s New Sanctuary »

Will countries heed the AU Peace and Security Council’s concerns about foreign military bases on the continent?

28/08/2019 – Africa is host to a rising number of foreign military operations and bases, largely due to bilateral agreements between some African Union (AU) member states and foreign powers. This is despite the AU Peace and Security Council’s concerns about foreign military bases on the continent and the establishment of new ones. Continuer à lire … « Will countries heed the AU Peace and Security Council’s concerns about foreign military bases on the continent? »