Jihadist unrest disrupts schooling for 400,000 in Sahel

2019/03/06 – Jihadist attacks in the Sahel nations of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger have disrupted schooling for more than 400,000 young people, the United Nations’ children’s agency Unicef said Thursday.

Nearly 2,000 schools have had to close, a doubling since 2017, it said in a statement.

« Direct attacks on schools, teachers and schoolchildren themselves, and the military occupation of places of learning are serious violations of children´s rights, » said UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore. Continuer à lire … « Jihadist unrest disrupts schooling for 400,000 in Sahel »

EU to reinforce cross border cooperation in the Sahel

2019/20/02 – The European Union (EU) wishes to reinforce its regional approach in the Sahel region of Africa with the aim of supporting cross-border cooperation, and regional cooperation structures.

In support of the G5 countries, the EU council decided to make its work of common security and Defense policy (CSDP) more effective at the regional level. Continuer à lire … « EU to reinforce cross border cooperation in the Sahel »

Canada/Mali : Commons committee hears UN appeal to extend Mali mission

2019/20/02 – Canada is facing renewed pressure to keep its military helicopters in Mali until a relief force of Romanian aircraft arrives in October.

Last week, members of the all-party House of Commons defence committee heard the appeals directly from a senior United Nations representative and government officials in the troubled west African country. Continuer à lire … « Canada/Mali : Commons committee hears UN appeal to extend Mali mission »

Sahel instability spreading to coastal West Africa – Burkina Faso

2019/18/02 – Islamist militants are increasing their activity in West Africa despite the establishment of a regional force to combat them in the Sahel region, and they are now threatening coastal countries, Burkina Faso’s foreign minister said on Saturday. Continuer à lire … « Sahel instability spreading to coastal West Africa – Burkina Faso »

UAE/Niger – Khalifa Fund signs $25m deal to support SMEs in Niger

2019/07/02 – Hussain Jasim Al Nowais, Chairman of Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, and Saadou Sidou, Nigerien Minister of Trade and Private Sector Development, have signed a $25 million (Dhs92 million) agreement aimed at providing support for micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), in Niger, where the amount will be distributed in equal instalments. Continuer à lire … « UAE/Niger – Khalifa Fund signs $25m deal to support SMEs in Niger »

BP lauds cost competitiveness of planned Mauritania/Senegal LNG project

2019/06/02 – BP expects its planned Greater Tortue Ahmeyim LNG project offshore Mauritania and Senegal to become increasingly cost-competitive as it moves into later expansion phases, a senior company executive said Tuesday.

Speaking after the release of BP’s fourth-quarter earnings, upstream chief Bernard Looney also said BP had seen no signs of cost inflation in the global LNG sector despite a number of new project approvals in recent months. Continuer à lire … « BP lauds cost competitiveness of planned Mauritania/Senegal LNG project »

G5 Sahel/Libya – Presidents of African Sahel States Call for Support for Efforts to Restore Stability in Libya

2019/06/02 – The Leaders of 5 African Sahel states G5 which includes Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Chad have called on the UN, the European Union and the African Union to support national reconciliation efforts underway in Libya to achieve peace and stability and to conduct elections in the country. The 5 states called in a final communiqué, issued at the end of the 5th meeting the African Sahel Conference held here for preventing the Libyan crisis from spreading regionally and internationally.