Morocco and Djibouti Strengthen Ties, Collaborate on Renewable Energy

By Toms Dumpis / MWN

08/01/2021 – Agadir – Representatives of Morocco and Djibouti met to discuss the cooperation of the two states in the field of renewable energy on Tuesday, January 5.Morocco’s Ambassador to Ethiopia and Djibouti Nezha Alaoui M’Hammdi met with Djibouti’s Minister of Energy Yonis Ali Guedi, at the headquarters of the Djiboutian Ministry of Energy. Continuer à lire … « Morocco and Djibouti Strengthen Ties, Collaborate on Renewable Energy »

Trade war: China to increase influence in GCC, Africa

2018/06/11 – As the world’s two largest economies — the US and China — are locked in an escalating trade battle, a visiting Chinese policy expert said the ongoing trade war will enable China to increase its exposure to the GCC and the broader Mena region.

China is increasingly shifting its focus on non-Western countries against the backdrop of the battle. The country is keen on partnering with the GCC countries in infrastructure, industrialization, energy cooperation and financing mechanism, Dr Wu Bingbing of Institute for International and Strategic Studies, Peking University, told The Peninsula, on the sidelines of the “Enriching the Middle East’s Economic Future Conference”.
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