Mauritania – Anti-terror force in Sahel begins officer training

2018/15/11 – A military school gathering five countries in the Sahel inducted its first officers on Monday into a programme to train future leaders of a joint anti-terror force.

Thirty-five senior officers were inducted into the G5 Sahel Defence Academy, located in the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott, for an eight-month course, an AFP reporter saw. Continuer à lire … « Mauritania – Anti-terror force in Sahel begins officer training »

Nigeria – We need information to combat insurgency –Defence Headquarters

2018/11/10- The Nigerian Defence Headquarters has appealed to the public to always furnish the force with useful information to boost intelligence gathering in the fight against Boko Haram.

Brig.-Gen. John Agim, the Acting Director of Information, Defence Headquarters Abuja, made the appeal on Thursday in Calabar during a two-day capacity building workshop for Forum of Spokespersons of Security and Response Agencies. Continuer à lire … « Nigeria – We need information to combat insurgency –Defence Headquarters »

An Algerian Military Purge as a Survival Strategy

2018/11/10 – A series of shake-ups has upended the leadership of Algeria’s powerful security apparatus, with personnel reshuffles affecting the upper echelons of the country’s military, police and security forces. The extent of and motives behind the ousters, unprecedented during the 19-year administration of President Abdel Aziz Bouteflika, remain unclear, but their nature and timing give some indications of the intent behind them. Algeria’s inner political workings remain opaque, making it difficult to know what exactly is unfolding in Algiers. But some of the details associated with the spate of military reorganizations point to a mutual effort by the army and the presidency to retain control. Continuer à lire … « An Algerian Military Purge as a Survival Strategy »

Russia is suspected of deploying troops to Libya, but what’s Moscow’s play in this muddy conflict?

2018/11/10 – Russian and Western media outlets say Moscow has been deploying troops to Libya for the past several months, reportedly to bolster one group in the country’s civil war. Russia is apparently filling a vacuum: the U.S. has effectively abandoned its efforts to intervene in the situation, and European nations are more concerned with stemming the flow of immigrants from Africa than resolving the conflict. Meduza takes a look at who’s fighting whom in Libya, and what Russia’s interests are in this messy conflict. Continuer à lire … « Russia is suspected of deploying troops to Libya, but what’s Moscow’s play in this muddy conflict? »

Mali/Estonia – Estonian soldiers teaching Africans to fish

2018/11/10 – Major Ivo Peets has been serving with the EU training mission in Mali (EUTM) for six weeks. Peets, who has served with the Kalev Infantry Battalion for several years, concentrated on developing a more effective conscripts’ training cycle to make the best of time spent in compulsory military service and produce capable reservists in Estonia. Continuer à lire … « Mali/Estonia – Estonian soldiers teaching Africans to fish »

Trial over Turkey-Libya explosives shipments set to begin in Greece

2018/08/10 – A trial related to a ship suspected of being used to smuggle illegal explosives from Turkey to radical Islamist groups in Libya is set to begin in the Greek port city of Piraeus on Tuesday, Greek newspaper Kathimerini reported.

The Andromeda, a cargo ship registered in Tanzania, was impounded by the Greek Coastguard in January after it was discovered to be carrying hundreds of tons of explosives in 29 containers – a “moving time bomb,” as the Greek officers who discovered it said. Continuer à lire … « Trial over Turkey-Libya explosives shipments set to begin in Greece »

Japan/Africa – Africa aid should factor debt sustainability, Japan says

2018/08/10 – Japan will focus on high-quality infrastructure investment in its aid to Africa, the country’s foreign minister said Saturday, seeking to build its profile on the continent while distinguishing itself from China, whose massive contributions have stirred fears of debt traps. Continuer à lire … « Japan/Africa – Africa aid should factor debt sustainability, Japan says »