Arms, investment and ‘instructors’: Russia boosts Africa role

2018/08/19 – Touting military cooperation, arms deals and investment, Russia is making a comeback in Africa after years of inactivity and now aims to rival European countries and even China, analysts say.

Moscow has worked hard over the last three years to strengthen its position in Africa, a pace that seems to have accelerated in recent months, they say. Continuer à lire … « Arms, investment and ‘instructors’: Russia boosts Africa role »

Iran oil minister to attend JMMC meeting in Algeria in September: ISNA

2018/08/15 – Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh will attend a meeting of an OPEC/non-OPEC committee that monitors output compliance, known as the JMMC, in Algeria in September, the Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA) reported on Wednesday. Continuer à lire … « Iran oil minister to attend JMMC meeting in Algeria in September: ISNA »

Russia/CAR – Russian Intrigue in the Heart of Africa #military

2018/08/05 – The fact of murdering three Russian journalists in the Central African Republic (CAR) may have serious political repercussions both for the authorities in Bangui and Russia’s interests in the country. The journalists were investigating a Russian private military company; disclosing some information would harm mercenaries from the Wagner Group as well as they would possibly hit the policy implemented by the Kremlin in Africa. Continuer à lire … « Russia/CAR – Russian Intrigue in the Heart of Africa #military »

Nuclear Power in Africa? #Uranium #Russia

2018/07/16 – Rosatom—Russia’s state nuclear energy corporation—has recently signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with a number of African nations to build nuclear power plants within their borders. I spoke to David Himbara, a professor of international development and African energy activist, about the likelihood of Rosatom actually building these nuclear plants. Continuer à lire … « Nuclear Power in Africa? #Uranium #Russia »

Global Peacekeeping Operations Overwhelmingly African and in Africa

The highly credible Stockholm International Peace Research institute (SIPRI) has identified sixty-three multilateral peacekeeping operations throughout the world. Africa hosts the largest number, with twenty-five missions. For perspective, there were eighteen in Europe, nine in the Middle East, six in Asia, and five in the Western Hemisphere. African peacekeeping missions accounted for some 75 percent of all peacekeeping personnel, with African countries accounting for the majority of those troops. Continuer à lire … « Global Peacekeeping Operations Overwhelmingly African and in Africa »

Russia Dispatches Yet Another ‘Private Military Company’ To Syria, More To Africa – OpEd

2018/07/10 – Moscow has now dispatched another of what it calls “a private military company” to fight in Syria, a reflection of its desire to avoid having regular army units there, its unwillingness to rely on the Vagner group alone, and its interest in having a force that will do some of its dirty work on a deniable basis. Continuer à lire … « Russia Dispatches Yet Another ‘Private Military Company’ To Syria, More To Africa – OpEd »

Russia – Africa: Military Partnership (Opinion)

2018/06/29 – On April 19, 2018, US President Donald Trump signed two new documents on the export of conventional weapons and UAVs to foreign countries. These documents mean considerable simplification of the arms trade. UAVs that do not possess powerful strike power, but equipped with laser rangefinders and target designators will be exported without additional permits: until now their export has been strictly controlled and limited. Continuer à lire … « Russia – Africa: Military Partnership (Opinion) »