Libya policy threatens Turkey, Russia alliance

28/12/2019 –  Experts say that the rift between Moscow and Ankara over policy differences in Libya may intensify following Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to send troops to Libya at the request of the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA).The presence of a senior Turkish delegation in Moscow on Monday to meet their Russian counterparts is considered an effort to avert a major bilateral crisis. Continuer à lire … « Libya policy threatens Turkey, Russia alliance »

Turkey-Israel relations following Libya deal: ANALYSIS

21/12/2019 – Turkey was at the center of some head-spinning developments in the Eastern Mediterranean in the last few days.

In fact, the world and especially the riparian states are closely following these “events,” which could also be named “belated decisions from Turkey. »
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Burkina/France – Coopération parlementaire: le Burkina et la France consolident leurs liens

16/09/2019 – Le 5e vice-président de l’Assemblée nationale, Abdoulaye Mossé, a reçu en audience des parlementaires français, le jeudi 12 septembre 2019, à Ouagadougou. Il a été question de la coopération entre les deux parlements. Continuer à lire … « Burkina/France – Coopération parlementaire: le Burkina et la France consolident leurs liens »

Saudi Ambassador to Niger Meets Niger’s Foreign Minister

04/09/2019 Saudi Ambassador to the Republic of Niger Turki bin Naji Al-Ali, met here today with Niger’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and African Cooperation Kalla Moutari.
During the meeting, they discussed bilateral relations between the Kingdom and Niger, and ways of enhancing them in all fields.


Sahel-Elite | Image utilisée juste à titre d’illustration, Kalla Moutari

Russia/Africa – Leaders of 35 countries confirm participation in Russia-Africa Summit — senior diplomat

17/07/2019 – About 35 leaders of African countries have by now officially confirmed their participation in the Russia-Africa Summit and more participants are expected to join in, Russian Presidential Envoy for the Middle East and Africa and Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said on Wednesday. Continuer à lire … « Russia/Africa – Leaders of 35 countries confirm participation in Russia-Africa Summit — senior diplomat »

Le Burkina Faso et le Vatican signent un accord institutionnel et juridique

14/07/2019 – Le Burkina Faso et le Saint-Siège se sont engagés dans une voie de reconnaissance juridique du Vatican à Ouagadougou ce 12 juillet 2019. C’est la salle des traités du Palais apostolique du Vatican qui a abrité la cérémonie de signature de l’accord.

Le chef de la diplomatie Burkinabè Alpha Barry et le secrétaire aux relations avec les Etats au Saint-Siège Mgr Paul Richard Gallagher ont signé un document de 19 articles et d’un protocole additionnel qui garantit à l’Église la possibilité de mener à bien sa mission au Burkina Faso. A en croire le communiqué rendu public, la personnalité juridique publique de l’Église et de ses institutions est reconnue au pays des hommes intègres. Continuer à lire … « Le Burkina Faso et le Vatican signent un accord institutionnel et juridique »

Arab League chief: Internal and external parties are deliberately prolonging conflict in Libya

2019/02/25 – Arab League Secretary-General, Ahmed Abo El Gheit said that the situation in Libya is highly complex, attributing blame to the external interventions and the desire of internal and external parties to perpetuate the conflict.

Abo El Gheit emphasized in a statement on the sidelines of the Arab-European summit in Sharm El-Sheikh, the importance of the Quartet efforts, composed of the Arab League, the African Union, the European Union, and the United Nations, which is preparing to hold a meeting on the sidelines of the Arab summit in Tunisia, during March.

The Libyan Observer

Sahel-Elite |Photo: Arab League Secretary-General, Ahmed Abo El Gheit (Getty Images)