Mauritania | NATO’s Science for Peace and Security Programme supports Mauritania to deal with crisis management

14/07/2020 – NATO’s Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme has launched “PROMEDEUS”, a new project which will further enhance Mauritania’s crisis management system. It builds on the achievements of two previous projects that established a crisis management centre in Nouakchott and four regional operational coordination centres. The new project aims to support the development of Mauritania’s operational capabilities and emergencies management in the fields of public health and civil protection. Continuer à lire … « Mauritania | NATO’s Science for Peace and Security Programme supports Mauritania to deal with crisis management »

UK, Turkey in agreement on political solution in Libya: Çavuşoğlu

09/07/2020 – Turkey and the U.K. are in agreement on a diplomatic solution in Libya, Turkey’s foreign minister said on July 8.

Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, who is paying a one-day working visit to London, said Turkey thinks the only solution in Libya conflict is a political one, adding: “We need to give pace to this political process under the roof of the U.N.” Continuer à lire … « UK, Turkey in agreement on political solution in Libya: Çavuşoğlu »

Comment and analysis – As Burkina Faso’s conflict spirals, its judicial system appears unfit for purpose

08/07/2020 – In Burkina Faso, a conflict between the government and groups linked to Islamic State, al-Qaeda and local bandits has rapidly escalated since 2015. The country is now at the centre of a broader conflict in West Africa’s arid Sahel region, which is pulling in troops from France and the United Nations in an effort to stop it.The war has its origins in neighbouring Mali, which has been in conflict since 2012. Instability spilled over the border after Burkina Faso’s former president, Blaise Compaoré, was ousted by an insurrection in 2014. Continuer à lire … « Comment and analysis – As Burkina Faso’s conflict spirals, its judicial system appears unfit for purpose »

Libya arrests Daesh/ISIS cell west of Tripoli

06/07/2020 – Libyan forces have dismantled a Daesh/ISIS cell in Az-Zawiyah city, west of the capital Tripoli, according to the Interior Ministry on Monday. A ministry statement said the cell was planning “to carry out terrorist attacks and plots to harm security and stability and spread chaos in the country”. Continuer à lire … « Libya arrests Daesh/ISIS cell west of Tripoli »

Tchad – Le groupe terroriste Boko Haram exécute deux soldats tchadiens

10/05/2020 – Le groupe terroriste Boko Haram a diffusé jeudi une vidéo d’exécution de deux soldats tchadiens, faits prisonniers lors d’une attaque.

Les deux soldats portent des habits militaires, dont l’un le tee-shirt de l’ANT, sigle de l’Armée nationale tchadienne. Continuer à lire … « Tchad – Le groupe terroriste Boko Haram exécute deux soldats tchadiens »

Rosatom urges Nigeria, others to adopt modular nuclear reactors

30/04/2020  – Russia’s state-run nuclear energy corporation, Rosatom, has proposed that Nigeria and other African countries adopt the use of Small Modular nuclear Reactors (SMR) to address the perennial power shortage that they face. Continuer à lire … « Rosatom urges Nigeria, others to adopt modular nuclear reactors »

Pentagon officials say Russia’s presence in Libya more dangerous than ISIS

US defense and US Africa Command (AFRICOM) officials have told the US-based Washington Examiner that Russia inserted a paramilitary group in Libya to support Khalifa Haftar and position itself on the southern flank of NATO, adding that their presence is a graver danger than ISIS in the southern region of the war-ravaged country.

The newspaper said on Tuesday that the Russians are acting out on US strategic interests in North Africa, but at the same time, doing it at a low cost, because if they mess up, then the Kremlin has plausible deniability.

The US official told Washington Examiner that it is really about access in Libya for Russia and about having access to the ports, to the oil, as well as having a reason to be in the Eastern Mediterranean.

“When we talk about Russia, we have to be specific that it’s really the military contractors from Russia, the Wagner Group are there, and it’s really not the Russian government, the Russian military, that is in Libya. » The official explained.

He added that when Russia is pressed by the United Nations on their influence and impact in Libya, they would be quick to say that they are not really present there.

Since the U.S. departure from Libya following Haftar’s attack on Tripoli in April 2019, Russia has been strengthening its military partnership in Libya, said Kimberly Marten, chairwoman of the political science department at Barnard College, speaking at a Center for Strategic and International Studies forum Tuesday.

“There have been reports that they are people who are sharpshooters,” she said of the elite Wagner mercenaries operating on behalf of Haftar in Libya, adding that they have really been the pointy end of the stick, making a big difference in what Haftar is able to do.

Another defense official told the American newspaper that the Russian private military contractor, referring to Wagner Group, has been in Libya and other parts of the African continent since early 2018.

AFRICOM Navy Lt. Christina Gibson told the Washington Examiner in a statement that the command sees Russia increasingly using private military contractors for military training and security assistance, which offers Moscow greater flexibility to achieve its geopolitical and economic goals.

A senior defense official said if the US didn’t have a military presence in Libya – in a partner-building capacity or whatever – it would be put really far behind.

The senior defense official added: « From a military perspective, going back in would allow us to be engaged in training, as well as some US influence on the activities within the government of Libya, as well as allows us to keep track of ISIS Libya and other groups.”

« We believe that there will be a need in the future, an opportunity for us to get back into Libya again, but it’s a little difficult to answer that given the current crisis ongoing there and uncertainties that we’re seeing in Libya.” The US defense official said.

The Libya Observer

Sahel-Elite (Bamako-Mali)

Togo, Niger, Benin owe Nigeria N30bn in electricity, NERC

28/04/2020 – The Republics of Togo, Niger and Benin owe Nigeria a total of N29.97bn for the electricity supplied to them from January to September last year, according to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC). Continuer à lire … « Togo, Niger, Benin owe Nigeria N30bn in electricity, NERC »

Endeavour Mining swoops on Semafo to create top Burkina Faso gold miner

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – Endeavour Mining (EDV.TO) said on Monday it will acquire Toronto-listed Semafo (SMF.TO) in a C$1 billion ($690.7 million) deal to create the biggest gold producer in Burkina Faso, increasing its focus on the country despite rising insecurity. Continuer à lire … « Endeavour Mining swoops on Semafo to create top Burkina Faso gold miner »

Libya policy threatens Turkey, Russia alliance

28/12/2019 –  Experts say that the rift between Moscow and Ankara over policy differences in Libya may intensify following Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to send troops to Libya at the request of the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA).The presence of a senior Turkish delegation in Moscow on Monday to meet their Russian counterparts is considered an effort to avert a major bilateral crisis. Continuer à lire … « Libya policy threatens Turkey, Russia alliance »