Drug Frontier: How cocaine trafficking is impacting West Africa (Special Report)

05/01/2020 – The route first became infamous between the 16th and 19th centuries when millions of West African slaves were shipped to South America through it. But the distance of approximately 2,500 kilometres (between Brazil and Dakar) has acquired a new type of notoriety since the early 2000s after Latin American drug cartels started using it to ship tonnes of narcotics into West Africa, which are later smuggled by drug mules in smaller quantities into Europe. Continuer à lire … « Drug Frontier: How cocaine trafficking is impacting West Africa (Special Report) »

Turkey to establish logistics centers in African countries

Turkey is establishing logistics bases in African countries after seeing exponential rise in trade in the last 16 years thanks to the country’s Africa initiative.

eeing a remarkable increase in bilateral trade with African countries, Turkey has ramped up efforts to expand commercial operations on the continent by establishing trade and logistics centers, Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan said Monday.Addressing a consultation meeting of African Business Councils under Turkey’s Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK), Pekcan said: “We are founding trade centers in the destinations we have previously determined. But more importantly, we should establish logistics centers in several points in Africa. We have launched our operations accordingly.” Continuer à lire … « Turkey to establish logistics centers in African countries »

Burkina Faso in mourning after double jihadist attacks

26/12/2019 – Burkina Faso was in mourning Wednesday after jihadists killed 35 civilians, almost all of them women, in double attacks in the north in one of the deadliest assaults in nearly five years of violence in the West African country. Continuer à lire … « Burkina Faso in mourning after double jihadist attacks »

U.S. to Ramp Up Counterterrorism Efforts in Sahel Region

21/12/2019 – The Trump administration is preparing to create a new special envoy position and task force to deal with security threats in the Sahel region of Africa, reflecting a growing alarm in Washington about the rise of extremist groups in West Africa, including ones affiliated with the Islamic State. Continuer à lire … « U.S. to Ramp Up Counterterrorism Efforts in Sahel Region »

Buhari proposes pool fund for africa trans-regional gas infrastructure

29/11/2019 – President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday said there was a need for African nations to pool resources to put up trans-border and trans-regional energy infrastructure so as to fully leverage the potential of natural gas in the continent. Continuer à lire … « Buhari proposes pool fund for africa trans-regional gas infrastructure »

How to contain terrorism in Africa

19/11/2019 – For Africans to contain the increasing tension and insecurity plaguing the continent, member states must seriously consider a return to pre-colonial boundaries, togetherness and joint border security management.

Speakers at the 16th Africa Security Watch Awards and Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), which included military and police chiefs, renowned academia and political leaders from West, Central, South and East African regions agreed on the need to address issues such as religious extremism/ intolerance, bad governance, illiteracy, unemployment and poverty identified as root causes of insecurity in Africa just as participants agreed it was about time the continent developed homegrown lasting solutions to tackle its problems. Continuer à lire … « How to contain terrorism in Africa »

Russian firm trains Nigerians on nuclear energy

17/09/2019 – As part of plans by the federal government to improve electricity generation through nuclear means, ROSATOM, a Russian government-owned nuclear energy firm, has begun training of Nigerian professionals and youths in that regard. Continuer à lire … « Russian firm trains Nigerians on nuclear energy »

Kuwait Warehousing Company Agility Plans Trans-Africa Facilities

09/09/2019 – Agility Public Warehousing Co., a Kuwait-based logistics company operating in more than 100 countries, is stepping up plans to develop so-called warehouse parks across Africa at a cost of about $200 million each. Continuer à lire … « Kuwait Warehousing Company Agility Plans Trans-Africa Facilities »

Why fight against money laundering, terrorism is low in West Africa, NFIU boss

04/09/2019 – The fight against money laundering and counter terrorism financing has remained low in West Africa due to weak governance structure, poor institutional framework, inadequate laws and unstable system of administration, Chief Executive officer, Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU), Modibbo Hamman Tukur has said. Continuer à lire … « Why fight against money laundering, terrorism is low in West Africa, NFIU boss »

EU to reinforce cross border cooperation in the Sahel

2019/20/02 – The European Union (EU) wishes to reinforce its regional approach in the Sahel region of Africa with the aim of supporting cross-border cooperation, and regional cooperation structures.

In support of the G5 countries, the EU council decided to make its work of common security and Defense policy (CSDP) more effective at the regional level. Continuer à lire … « EU to reinforce cross border cooperation in the Sahel »