Specter of jihadism continues to haunt Maghreb

2018/12/11 – The jihadist threat is not new to the Maghreb. However, the fallout of the 2011 Arab uprisings has fundamentally altered the political and security environment of North African countries. While states such as Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia witnessed an increase in deaths from jihadist attacks, others like Algeria and Morocco experienced a reduced impact. Despite differences, the threats are persistent and numerous, including local jihadi cells that range from the already settled to the residual to those burgeoning into external groups that operate in the Sahel, such as the well-established al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). The mutual lack of trust and cooperation in counterterrorism and security among Maghreb countries further complicates countering such threats. Put together, the region’s security could become even more precarious, and the fight against jihadism might be a long one. Continuer à lire … « Specter of jihadism continues to haunt Maghreb »

Russia/Africa – Delegations From Africa Participate In Russian Military Technical Forum – OpEd #Defense

2018/08/31 – About twenty military delegations (groups) from Africa participated in the International Military-Technical forum «ARMY-2018» organised by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in Kubinka, located approximately 280 km from Moscow.

The «ARMY-2018» received about 120 official delegations from foreign countries and featured nearly 150 events as part of its scientific business programme. The annual games allow the different world forces to improve their efficiency, knowledge and friendship. The army extravaganza, billed the Olympics of the Military World, now in its fourth year. Continuer à lire … « Russia/Africa – Delegations From Africa Participate In Russian Military Technical Forum – OpEd #Defense »

The Security Briefing: Libya, Lebanon, and Italy’s new defense minister

As part of this GRI series, Nicolò Donà dalle Rose dissects major conflicts around the world and provides reflections on potential future developments. This issue focuses on the appointment of Italy’s new Minister of Defense and its impact on Italian involvement in Libya and Lebanon, as well as Italy’s broader foreign policy stance. Continuer à lire … « The Security Briefing: Libya, Lebanon, and Italy’s new defense minister »

The Risks of Hardened Borders in North Africa

2018/08/17 – Over the past several years, North African countries have worked to heavily fortify their borders. A 200-kilometer (125-mile) trench, completed in February 2016, runs along the Tunisian–Libyan border. Twelve hundred kilometers (746 miles) to the west, two new walls mark the border between Morocco and Algeria. These barriers are symptom and symbol of a new securitized approach to borders in areas that have historically been culturally and economically linked.
Continuer à lire … « The Risks of Hardened Borders in North Africa »

Can the Sahel recapture its lost glory? #Mali

Today the vast Sahel region, lying between North and sub-Saharan Africa, is characterised by general poverty, lawlessness and the presence of terrorist groups. But it once formed one of the world’s busiest and wealthiest trading routes. Can the fortunes of this region be revived and restored to their long-lost glory? Report by Tom Collins.

2018/08/06- Across much of West Africa a trend has developed. As the Atlantic Ocean feeds the economic powerhouses on the coast, the Sahara has given way to instability, contraband and disrepair. This wasn’t always the case. In fact the very opposite was true.
Transit routes criss-crossing the desert connected once-powerful cities like Timbuktu, Gao, Djenné, and Kano with North Africa and the Middle East. Goods like gold, salt, cotton, leather and ostrich feathers were transported and traded in large caravans and it was the interior that flourished. Continuer à lire … « Can the Sahel recapture its lost glory? #Mali »

Morocco’s Trade with Israel Totaled $37 Million in 2017

2018/08/05 – Although Morocco has no official diplomatic ties with Israel, the North African country traded $37 million worth of goods with Israel in 2017 according to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).
The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs published data through its Arabic Facebook page revealing data about its trade with some Arab and Islamic countries, based on CBS statistics. Continuer à lire … « Morocco’s Trade with Israel Totaled $37 Million in 2017 »

Groups, councils in western Libya reject Paris summit

2018/05/29 – Thirteen councils and armed groups based in western Libya have voiced their rejection of a French initiative ostensibly aimed at achieving reconciliation between Libya’s rival political camps. Continuer à lire … « Groups, councils in western Libya reject Paris summit »