Nigeria – ‘Army not recruiting ex-Boko Haram fighters’

06/12/2019 – Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has described as unfounded reports that repentant Boko Haram fighters are being recruited into the Nigerian Army.

It explained that apart from de-radicalisation, rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-Boko Haram insurgents, which is under the auspices of Operation Safe Corridor as a non-kinetic operation, there was no such plan of recruiting repentant insurgents. Continuer à lire … « Nigeria – ‘Army not recruiting ex-Boko Haram fighters’ »

We Should Exempt Africa from the UK-Russia Geopolitical Confrontation

Their differences notwithstanding, the UK and Russia could cooperate in Africa.

Today, neither Russia nor the UK can claim a leadership role in Africa. London reached the peak of its influence there between the First and Second World Wars, when the British Empire had a large part of the continent under its direct control. Moscow’s heydays in Africa were the 1960s and 1970s, when the Soviet Union was the main overseas supporter of the continent’s national liberation movements. The odds are that in the 21st century, the destinies of African countries will depend more on the logic of the emerging global competition between the US and China than on any decisions taken in the Kremlin or Downing Street. Continuer à lire … « We Should Exempt Africa from the UK-Russia Geopolitical Confrontation »

US National Security Adviser and Italian Foreign Minister Discuss Security Situation in Libya

18/11/2019 – Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio and US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien have discussed security situation developments in Libya. According to a statement carried by the Italian news agency ‘Nova’, the two sides discussed Middle East, Libya, terrorism and bilateral relations.

Nova quoted Italian Foreign Minister as saying ‘Italy will host a meeting for Libya’s neighbouring countries on Dec.1, indicating that the meeting will be held on the margins of the Mediterranean Dialogue Forum which will be held from 5th to 7th of the same month. The Italian Minister disclosed steps that Italy was taking which included easing the intensity of conflict which could lead to a ceasefire, and resuming the UN-led political process through the UN Special Envoy Ghasan Salama.



Report: Turkey Arms Might ‘Recalibrate ISIS’ in Africa

17/11/2019 – Turkey might be sending weapons to Nigeria, arming militants known as the « other ISIS, » Boko Haram, to slaughter both Christians and Muslims, making for a potential location to « recalibrate ISIS, » according to a Gate Stone Institute citing an Egyptian TV report. Continuer à lire … « Report: Turkey Arms Might ‘Recalibrate ISIS’ in Africa »

Boko Haram degraded, we need citizens’ partnership to finish the job – Buhari

16/10/2019 – President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday said all hands must be on deck to ensure that Boko Haram insurgents are completely defeated.

Buhari said Nigerians and security agents must team up with his government to stop the degraded Boko Haram insurgents from attacking soft targets in the Northeast. Continuer à lire … « Boko Haram degraded, we need citizens’ partnership to finish the job – Buhari »

Mali – Chinese envoy calls on Malians to engage in national dialogue

10/10/2019 – Chinese envoy on Tuesday called on parties in Mali to engage in an inclusive national dialogue in pursuit of peace and reconciliation. »All parties in Mali should seize the opportunity of the national dialogue to work together for peace and development in the country and peacefully resolve their differences through consultations, » Wu Haitao, China’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, told the Security Council. Continuer à lire … « Mali – Chinese envoy calls on Malians to engage in national dialogue »

Burkina Faso seeks to stabilize troubled north

04/10/2019 – Burkina Faso authorities will take measures to restore stability in northern villages plagued by attacks, a government official said on Wednesday. Continuer à lire … « Burkina Faso seeks to stabilize troubled north »