Tunisia: ‘Army on alert to confront conspirators’

23/07/2020 – Tunisian President Kais Saied on Wednesday said that the army will take action against conspirators.

« Everyone who conspires against the Tunisian state has no place […] the Tunisian army is ready at any time and any place and will confront anyone who infringes upon the state, » he said in a statement issued after his visit to the army headquarters in the northern province of Bizerte. Continuer à lire … « Tunisia: ‘Army on alert to confront conspirators’ »

Egypt’s strong military message to Turkey, Tunisia

23/07/2020 – The drums of war on the Libyan-Egyptian border are not beating in the way we are familiar with. Their echo is resonating everywhere in the world. Although not conventional, these drums of war are growing louder and louder.
Last month, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi warned of the readiness of his country’s army to intervene both within and outside its borders, in a clear reference to the conflict in neighboring Libya. By saber-rattling on Egypt’s western border with Libya, El-Sisi wanted to send clear and strong messages to all: The Egyptian forces are ready to enter any confrontation, and with any party, in order to protect Egypt’s national security. Continuer à lire … « Egypt’s strong military message to Turkey, Tunisia »

SOHR reveals | Turkish intelligence transfers 2,500 Tunisian ISIS members to Libya in a few months

18/07/2020 – At Turkish government’s orders, Turkish intelligence have transferred Jihadi groups and ISIS members of different foreign nationalities, from Syria to Libya in the past few months. According to SOHR statistics, the Turkish intelligence transferred over 2,500 Tunisian ISIS members to Libya, out of thousands of other ISIS Tunisians operating in Syria. Continuer à lire … « SOHR reveals | Turkish intelligence transfers 2,500 Tunisian ISIS members to Libya in a few months »

Tunisian military shoot at vehicles crossing illegally from Libya

08/07/2020 – Tunisian army troops on the border with Libya shot Tuesday night at vehicles that crossed into Tunisia, said a statement by the Tunisian Ministry of Defence.There were no reports of casualties. Continuer à lire … « Tunisian military shoot at vehicles crossing illegally from Libya »

African presidential Boeing 737 gets missile protection system #Israel

06/07/2020 – Israel’s Bird Aerosystems has delivered its Airborne Missile Protection Systems (AMPS) to a VIP customer in Africa, which will protect a presidential Boeing 737 aircraft.

The company on 24 June said the AMPS system includes an AeroShield POD and MACS sensor. It did not specify which country had ordered the missile protection system, but only around half a dozen African nations fly Boeing 737s (mostly in Boeing Business Jet configuration) for presidential and VIP transport. According to the Scramble aviation society’s database, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, South Africa and Tunisia fly presidential/government Boeing 737s, with most of these being operated by their respective air forces. Continuer à lire … « African presidential Boeing 737 gets missile protection system #Israel »

Tunisian President: The conflict in Libya is now between two « American and Russian » empires.

30/06/2020 – The Tunisian President, Qais Saeed, said, Sunday, that the problem and conflict in Libya are between two « American and Russian » empires, stressing that his country will never accept the division of Libya. « Saeed » added in press statements that his country paid a heavy price for this endless war, financially and securityly, even within its political classes, as if the Libyan problem was Tunisian-Tunisian. The Tunisian president reiterated his proposal, which is to hold a meeting between all representatives of the Libyan tribes with the aim of drafting an interim constitution allowing the organization of public authorities in the country, then preparing a new constitution acceptable to all Libyans.


Sahel-Elite (Bamako-Mali)

Tunisian-Greek discussions on security developments in Libya

30/06/2020 – Tunisian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Noureddine El-Rai, discussed, Monday, with his Greek counterpart, « Nikos Dundias, » the developments of security and military situations in Libya. The media office of the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that during the meeting held in Tunis, the two sides exchanged views on the situation in the region, especially the Libyan crisis and its repercussions on neighboring countries. The two ministers affirmed the support of Tunisia and Greece for a peaceful Libyan-Libyan consensual solution, and adherence to international legitimacy and relevant UN resolutions to ensure the unity of Libya, security and prosperity of its people.


Sahel-Elite (Bamako-Mali)

US considers sending`training’ unit to Tunisia amid North Africa tensions

13/06/2020 – The United States said it is considering deploying a Security Force Assistance Brigade in Tunisia for training, as part of its assistance program with the North Africa country, amid concern over Russian activity in Libya, Reuters reports. Continuer à lire … « US considers sending`training’ unit to Tunisia amid North Africa tensions »

Turkish agenda in Libya targets Sudan and the region; Arman

09/05/2020 – Yasir Arman, deputy head of the SPLM-N, said that Turkish agenda in Libya would negatively affect political stability its neighbouring countries: Sudan, Egypt, Chad and Tunisia.The alliance between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Libya’s Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj has sparked outrage in the region as many point out to his political affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood. Continuer à lire … « Turkish agenda in Libya targets Sudan and the region; Arman »

Tunisia Could Help Enforce Libya’s Arms Embargo

24/08/2019 – In 2020, when Tunisia begins its two-year term as non-permanent member of the Security Council, the country will have the biggest opportunity to influence international affairs since becoming a democracy in 2011. In response to the appointment, Tunisian Foreign Minister Khemaies Jhinaoui declared “Tunisia will be the voice of Africa and the Arab world…Trying to expedite finding peaceful settlement for some of the pending issues witnessed by our region.” Continuer à lire … « Tunisia Could Help Enforce Libya’s Arms Embargo »