Haftar’s forces declare war on “terrorism” in south Libya

2019/01/15 – The East-based Libyan self-styled army forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar have launched a military operation in southern Libya to secure oil and gas facilities and fight extremists, a spokesman said on Tuesday.

“We announce the start of an operation to liberate the south,” the spokesman Ahmed Mismari told reporters in Benghazi.

He said the operation’s goals included protecting local and foreign oil firms, fighting Islamic State and other extremists, and tackling illegal migration.

He gave few other details about the initiative, but any advance on oilfields in the south by Haftar’s forces could be opposed by Libya’s internationally recognised administration in Tripoli, which lies in the west of the country.

Libyan Express

Sahel-Elite Image:Sabha Fortress (Internet)

Libya’s paramilitary force to ‘cleanse’ country’s south

2019/01/15- A spokesman for Libya’s powerful paramilitary based in the eastern city of Benghazi says its troops are launching an operation « to cleanse » the country’s south of Islamic militants and criminals.Ahmed al-Mesmari of the self-styled Libyan National Army that answers to Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter told reporters on Tuesday that the operations aims to « eliminate gangs, Islamic State terrorists and criminals » in the south. Continuer à lire … « Libya’s paramilitary force to ‘cleanse’ country’s south »

Into Africa: Prigozhin, Wagner, and the Russian Military

(PONARS Policy Memo) Yevgeny Prigozhin, the corrupt military contractor from St. Petersburg who funds the informal armed organization known as the Wagner Group, expanded his lucrative foreign adventures into Africa in 2018 with Russian state support. His fortunes continued to rise even after scores of his fighters were killed and wounded by a United States air strike in eastern Syria. Continuer à lire … « Into Africa: Prigozhin, Wagner, and the Russian Military »

UN experts warns of growing influence of Sudanese armed groups in Libya

2019/01/14 – The United Nations group of experts on Sudan said that the Darfur armed groups have reinforced their presence in Libya, some of whom had participated in the military operations carried out by the so-called Dignity Forces.

« These groups are involved in mercenary activities and others, such as smuggling, establishing illegal checkpoints, and banditry, » UN group of experts clarified in their report.

They also warned that the groups could become an integral part of the conflict if their presence was protracted in Libya.

The Libya Observer


Security threats lead to evacuation of several headquarters in Libya’s capital

2019/01/11 – Security apparatuses in Libya’s capital Tripoli evacuated on Thursday morning the High Council of State’s (HCS) headquarters at Radisson Blu hotel and the HCS’s secretary office in Tariq Al-Sikka over reports of a security threat, sources from the HCS told The Libya Observer. Continuer à lire … « Security threats lead to evacuation of several headquarters in Libya’s capital »

Libya – Interior Minister discusses with Chinese ambassador return of Chinese companies

2019/10/01 – Interior Minister of PC Fathi Pashagha reaffirmed Libya’s desire to cooperate with China in the security field to raise the efficiency and performance of the Ministry of Interior officers.

The minister’s remarks came at a meeting with the Chinese ambassador to Libya at the ministry’s HQ in Tripoli, during which the Chinese ambassador expressed that the improved security situation in the capital will encourage Chinese companies to return to work from Libya, according to the ministry’s Information Office Facebook.

Safa Alharathy – Libya Observer


Libya/UK – Interior Minister discusses with Scotland Yard representative common security issues

2019/09/01 – Interior Minister of the PC, Fathi Pashagha, discussed with the Scotland Yard representative for terrorism and training, Richard Clark, inter alia, matters relating to security issues of common concern.

This came during a meeting held at the Interior Ministry in Tripoli on Tuesday, according to the ministry’s Facebook.

The meeting focused on ways to enhance security cooperation between the Libyan Interior Ministry and Scotland Yard Police.

Libya Observer / Sahel-Elite