Intense fighting rocks Libya as new battle erupts for airbase

25/03/2020 – An intense bombardment shook Tripoli through the night and a new battle erupted at an airbase outside the capital, hours after Libya reported its first case of coronavirus and despite U.N. calls for ceasefires around the world during the epidemic. Continuer à lire … « Intense fighting rocks Libya as new battle erupts for airbase »

National Assembly of Libyan Scholars and Sheiks voices support for orders to close mosques

25/03/2020 – The National Assembly of Libyan Scholars and Sheiks have called on all imams, preachers to abide by the authorities’ decision to close mosques during this period, in order to preserve lives.

« The coronavirus pandemic should unite everyone and end disputes, » the assembly mentioned in a statement Sunday, urging citizens to abide by the Presidential Council’s decision to impose curfews and to stay at home until this ordeal is over.

It also criticized acts exploiting the current circumstance, including driving up prices saying that it’s an infringement and unjust act, according to the statement.

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Libya: Haftar militias target prison in Tripoli

23/03/2020 – The UN-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) said Tuesday that militias affiliated with Eastern Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar targeted the Ain Zara prison facility in southern Tripoli. Continuer à lire … « Libya: Haftar militias target prison in Tripoli »

An American efforts to convince fighting parties in Libya on a negotiable settlement to solve the crisis.

23/03/2020 – The American ambassador to Libya ‘Richard Norland’, said that his country is trying to convince the Libyan parties for negotiations, to solve the current crisis in the country, asserting Washington’s work to support a negotiable settlement. This came in a statement quoted by the embassy today Monday, from an interview made by the American ambassador ‘Norland’, with the London’s newspaper ‘The Arab Weekly’. The American embassy had called on Thursday for a humanitarian truce in Libya, which was declared last Saturday with fighting parties agreement for a humanitarian truce, in order to fight the new epidemic of Corona.

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Four Turkish soldiers and a mercenary leader killed in Libya

23/03/2020 – Libyan National Army (LNA) forces responded to an attack by Turkish forces in the capital, Tripoli, and destroyed an ACV-15 Turkish armored vehicle.

“We offered the enemies the armored vehicle and corpses, but they refused to receive them, claiming those inside the Turkish vehicle are not Libyans,” Libyan National Army spokesman Ahmed al-Mismari said. Continuer à lire … « Four Turkish soldiers and a mercenary leader killed in Libya »

Chad’s Foreign Minister: The spread of arms and the worsening situation in the Sahel have been caused by the Libyan crisis

26/01/2020 – Chad’s Foreign Minister, ‘Mohamed Sherif El-Zein’, declared that the Libyan crisis is one of the reasons for the worsening situation in the Sahel region, due to the proliferation of weapons, which facilitates the spread of terrorist groups. « In addition to Libya, the neighboring countries of Libya are the first concerned with the Libyan crisis, » the Russian news agency, Sputnik, quoted « Al-Zain » as saying in a speech during the start of the foreign ministers’ conference of the countries neighboring Libya in the Algerian capital, Thursday. Adding « Currently al-Sahel in a fiery situation, for several reasons, on top of which is the Libyan crisis, due to the proliferation of weapons significantly, which facilitated the spread of terrorist groups.  »

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Greek PM says no EU deal on Libya unless Turkey accord scrapped

23/01/2020 – Libya’s internationally recognized prime minister, Fayez al-Serraj, said this week that his country will face a “catastrophic situation” unless foreign powers put pressure on eastern-based commander Khalifa Haftar to lift a blockade of oilfields that has cut output to almost zero. Continuer à lire … « Greek PM says no EU deal on Libya unless Turkey accord scrapped »