Israel Shipyards begins construction of OPV-45 vessels for African country

Written by Guy Martin |Defence Web

12/01/2021 – Israel Shipyards has launched construction of the first of two OPV-45 offshore patrol vessels destined for an undisclosed African country.

The company made the announcement in mid-December, saying the vessels will be delivered to an African Navy within the next two years. Continuer à lire … « Israel Shipyards begins construction of OPV-45 vessels for African country »

Tunisia : U.S., Tunisia Sign Road Map for Defense Cooperation

01/10/2020 – Defense Secretary Dr. Mark T. Esper and Tunisian Defense Minister Ibrahim Bartagi agreed on a road map for defense cooperation during meetings in the capital city of Tunis.

The road map discussed yesterday charts a 10-year course for cooperation between the two countries.

Tunisia is a major non-NATO ally of the United States and already works with the Defense Department on many shared interests and concerns. The agreement will advance these shared security interests, said a U.S. defense official traveling with the secretary.

The road map recognizes the importance of the U.S.-Tunisian relationship in North Africa and the Mediterranean. Tunisia is a « security exporter » in the region, participating in many exercises and cooperating with other nations in security matters.

Terrorism and threats from violent extremist organizations are always a danger in the region, and Tunisia is intimately involved in looking for solutions to the migrant crisis. Esper said he is impressed by the Tunisians’ efforts to enhance their capabilities against terrorists, but also to promote stability and security on the African continent.

« The road map is a shared understanding of where our shared priorities are, » the defense official said speaking on background. « It talks about shared objectives, shared interests and shared threats. These are areas where we can work together. »

The road map took two years to negotiate, and it is a clear-eyed look at the relationship and suggests ways to close capability gaps. « We both want to improve [Tunisia’s] military capabilities and training to improve [U.S. and Tunisian] interoperability. »

Some of the shared interests include freedom of navigation, intelligence sharing, humanitarian operations and disaster relief, the official said.

The official would not speak specifically on what gaps the nations see in their military capabilities, but spoke of gaps that African nations, in general, experience — airlift, command and control, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance shortages and the like.

The 10-year road map is a relatively new program. It allows the nations to begin the planning and funding cycles in such a way as to build incrementally. The official said this may be a blueprint for negotiations with other nations in Africa and elsewhere.



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USA – Apogee-SSU to continue training west African pilots #Chad #Niger

26/08/2020 – US company Apogee-SSU is training Cessna 208B Caravan crews of the Cameroonian, Nigerien and Chadian air forces under a United States government contract.

The US Department of State recently renewed the company’s training contract, Africa Intelligence reports, and Apogee-SSU said on its website it has openings in Africa performing services for the Department of State (DOS), Bureau of African Affairs. This requirement is for the full-time services of three Technical Advisors to train selected aviation personnel in Cameroon, Chad and Niger on Cessna 208B aircraft and respective mission equipment, such as Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) and/or Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC), so that partner nation aviation personnel are self-sufficient in the operations and maintenance tasks of Caravan aircraft. Continuer à lire … « USA – Apogee-SSU to continue training west African pilots #Chad #Niger »

Senegal builds military camp near Mali boundary to deal with ‘cross-border threats’

17/07/2020 – Senegal on Tuesday began building a military camp near its border with violence-torn Mali to address « cross-border threats (and) trafficking », the defence ministry said.

The camp is being constructed at Goudiry in the east of the country, nearly 600km from the capital Dakar. Continuer à lire … « Senegal builds military camp near Mali boundary to deal with ‘cross-border threats’ »

Libya – Agreement to operationalize Interpol system to apprehend those on Red Notice

14/07/2020 – Chief of Arab and International Police, Brig Abdul Hamid Al Gjazali and head of Passports Authority, Brig Jouma Gjariba held a meeting Monday. They agreed at the meeting to operationalize the Interpol system to apprehend people on Interpol’s Red Notice at Amitiqa and Misrata Airports and Tas Jadiet and Dhahiba border posts with Tunisia. The equipment are to be delivered to the Control Department at the Passports Authority as of Tuesday in preparation for its operationslization as soon as the border posts are opened.


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Ivory Coast creates military zone after jihadist attack

13/07/2020 – Ivory Coast has created a special military zone in the north of the country, the government said Monday, less than a month after a deadly jihadist attack on a frontier post. Continuer à lire … « Ivory Coast creates military zone after jihadist attack »

Israel Shipyards Announces Agreement with African Navy for Supply of Two OPV 45 Offshore Patrol Vessels

09/07/2020 – Israel Shipyards ‒ one of the largest privately owned shipbuilding and repair facilities in the Eastern Mediterranean ‒ announces an agreement with an African navy for the supply of two OPV 45 offshore patrol vessels. The vessels were designed for a wide range of missions, including protection against the increasing threat of piracy in the region. Continuer à lire … « Israel Shipyards Announces Agreement with African Navy for Supply of Two OPV 45 Offshore Patrol Vessels »

Nigerian Air Force ATR 42 returns home after maintenance in Germany

09/07/2020 – The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has received an ATR 42 intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft back from Germany after it underwent maintenance with Rheinland Air Service (RAS). Continuer à lire … « Nigerian Air Force ATR 42 returns home after maintenance in Germany »

African presidential Boeing 737 gets missile protection system #Israel

06/07/2020 – Israel’s Bird Aerosystems has delivered its Airborne Missile Protection Systems (AMPS) to a VIP customer in Africa, which will protect a presidential Boeing 737 aircraft.

The company on 24 June said the AMPS system includes an AeroShield POD and MACS sensor. It did not specify which country had ordered the missile protection system, but only around half a dozen African nations fly Boeing 737s (mostly in Boeing Business Jet configuration) for presidential and VIP transport. According to the Scramble aviation society’s database, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, South Africa and Tunisia fly presidential/government Boeing 737s, with most of these being operated by their respective air forces. Continuer à lire … « African presidential Boeing 737 gets missile protection system #Israel »

Tunisie: le ministère de la Défense se mobilise le long de la frontière sud-est avec la Libye

10/01/2020 – Le ministère tunisien de la Défense nationale a rassuré, jeudi, que les différentes formations militaires continuaient de se mobiliser le long du front frontalier en coordination avec les forces de sécurité intérieure et la Douane, à la lumière des développements de la situation sécuritaire de l’autre côté de la frontière sud-est, en Libye. Continuer à lire … « Tunisie: le ministère de la Défense se mobilise le long de la frontière sud-est avec la Libye »