Moroccan Gendarmerie gets new H125s

11/07/2020 – Morocco’s Gendarmerie has taken delivery of two new H125 helicopters from Airbus Helicopters, joining its fleet of nearly three dozen aircraft. Continuer à lire … « Moroccan Gendarmerie gets new H125s »

Morocco makes new steps towards developing military industry

10/07/2020 – The kingdom will grant licenses for the manufacture of weapons and military and security equipment and for their export.

Morocco is seeking to modernise its armed forces and further develop its domestic military industry, a development experts say is achievable and even inevitable considering regional and international turbulence.Morocco is set to increase its defence budget in support of this ambition. On Monday, the kingdom announced related decisions taken during the Council of Ministers, chaired by  Moroccan King Mohammed VI. Continuer à lire … « Morocco makes new steps towards developing military industry »

Morocco Denounces Foreign Intervention in Libya at UN Security Council

09/07/2020 – Since the start of the Libyan crisis, Moroccan diplomacy has remained neutral and called foreign powers to let Libyans handle their internal conflicts without intervention.

Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita has again denounced foreign intervention in Libya during a virtual meeting of the UN Security Council. Continuer à lire … « Morocco Denounces Foreign Intervention in Libya at UN Security Council »

Mauritanian Expert: Morocco Plays ‘Essential’ Role in Sahel Stabilization

Dr. Mustapha Faty, a doctor of legal sciences and professor at the University of Nouakchott Al Aasriya, has said Morocco is “an essential actor” in the stabilization of the Sahel.

The 14th episode of “Sahara Debate,” an online talk show that aims to shed light on the territorial dispute in southern Morocco, featured the Mauritanian expert on July 7. Faty researches security and stability in the Maghreb and the Sahel. Continuer à lire … « Mauritanian Expert: Morocco Plays ‘Essential’ Role in Sahel Stabilization »

Comment and analysis – As Burkina Faso’s conflict spirals, its judicial system appears unfit for purpose

08/07/2020 – In Burkina Faso, a conflict between the government and groups linked to Islamic State, al-Qaeda and local bandits has rapidly escalated since 2015. The country is now at the centre of a broader conflict in West Africa’s arid Sahel region, which is pulling in troops from France and the United Nations in an effort to stop it.The war has its origins in neighbouring Mali, which has been in conflict since 2012. Instability spilled over the border after Burkina Faso’s former president, Blaise Compaoré, was ousted by an insurrection in 2014. Continuer à lire … « Comment and analysis – As Burkina Faso’s conflict spirals, its judicial system appears unfit for purpose »

Morocco reportedly orders Sherpa armoured vehicles

30/06/2020 – Morocco has apparently ordered 36 Sherpa armoured vehicles from France’s Arquus, in Light Scout and Light Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) models.

This is according to France’s DSI Magazine, which gave no further details on the acquisition and there has been no comment available from Arquus (formerly Renault Trucks Defence). Continuer à lire … « Morocco reportedly orders Sherpa armoured vehicles »

Algeria Flexes Military Muscles With Base on Moroccan Border

28/06/2020 – Algeria is flexing its military muscles by building a new army base on the Moroccan border. Construction on the new strategic base has already begun, according to Algerian news outlets.

The decision to launch construction works directly opposite the proposed site for Morocco’s new Jerada barracks is, according to Algerian newspaper Al-Shourouk, a question of reciprocity. Continuer à lire … « Algeria Flexes Military Muscles With Base on Moroccan Border »

Morocco signs up for 24 AH-64E Apaches

27/06/2020 – Boeing has secured a deal to supply Morocco with 24 AH-64E Apache attack helicopters.

The deal makes Morocco the 17th country to obtain the AH-64, says Boeing. Deliveries will start in 2024.

“This is another step forward in our long partnership with the Kingdom of Morocco,” says Jeff Shockey of Boeing Defense, Space & Security. Continuer à lire … « Morocco signs up for 24 AH-64E Apaches »

Morocco consul leaves Algeria over ‘enemy country’ remark

13/06/2020 – A spokesman for the Algerian presidency, Mohand Oussaid Belaid, announced yesterday that the Moroccan consul who described Algeria as an “enemy country” has left the country at Algiers’ request.

Last month, the Algerian Foreign Ministry summoned Moroccan Ambassador, Lahcen Abdelkhalek, to officially protest against hostile remarks made by the Moroccan consul in the city of Oran. Continuer à lire … « Morocco consul leaves Algeria over ‘enemy country’ remark »

Morocco, Mali Discuss Partnership Opportunities, Review Agreements

13/’6/2020 – Moroccan and Malian institutions should boost their cooperation and seize the numerous partnership opportunities, said newly-elected President of the National Assembly of Mali, Moussa Timbine.

Timbine received on Tuesday, June 9, the Moroccan ambassador to Bamako, Hassan Naciri, to discuss bilateral relations between Morocco and Mali, as well as various opportunities for development. Continuer à lire … « Morocco, Mali Discuss Partnership Opportunities, Review Agreements »