War against Boko Haram has failed —EU

20/01/2020 – The European Parliament which is the legislative branch of the European Union (EU), recently suggested that the Nigerian Army and the government had not been telling citizens the whole truth about the fight against terrorism in Nigeria.

This followed the EU parliament’s claim that progress in the fight against terrorism in Nigeria has been stalled. Continuer à lire … « War against Boko Haram has failed —EU »

AMU revamps Maghreb railway project

2018/19/02 – The Arab Maghreb Union (AMU) has received a grant from the African Development Bank to modernise an integrated regional railway network between Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, a step analysts said was crucial to strengthening ties in North Africa.“The idea of a railway linking Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco is very old,” said Yacine Bendjaballah, CEO of the National Company for Rail Transport. “Transport officials from the AMU have discussed it many times when they’ve met.” Continuer à lire … « AMU revamps Maghreb railway project »

Niger / Migration: EUCAP Sahel Niger as bridge builder between civil society and authorities

2018/08/29 – EUCAP Sahel Niger, an EU civilian capacity building mission, helps women leaders to get a better understanding of the work of security forces so that they can sensitize other women in their communities about the prevention of and fight against migrant smuggling. In 2017, the mission organised 198 training events for more than 3400 people on issues such as public order, crisis management, trafficking and others. Continuer à lire … « Niger / Migration: EUCAP Sahel Niger as bridge builder between civil society and authorities »

How far can Europe push back its borders? The case of France in Niger

2018/05/22 – Migration control is now “high politics” in Europe and a priority for the EU. For example, on May 2, 2018, the European Commission proposed that the budget for the management of external borders, migration and asylum – set at 13 billion euros for the period 2014-2020 – be raised to 34.9 billion euros. Continuer à lire … « How far can Europe push back its borders? The case of France in Niger »

Niger – G5 Police Workshop in Niamey

2018/04/11 – The goal of the three day workshop, under the Nigerien tenure of the presidency of the G5 Sahel, is to regionally support police forces from the G5 countries to discover how to improve synergies and cooperation. The G5 police workshop includes representatives of internal security forces from all the G5 countries, as well as top members of all three Nigerien Internal Security forces, the police, gendarmerie, and the national guard. Continuer à lire … « Niger – G5 Police Workshop in Niamey »

Algeria – Bulgaria’s Top Diplomat, Arab Ambassadors Discuss Bilateral Relations, Regional Conflicts #NorthAfrica

2018/03/07 – Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva discussed bilateral relations with the Arab countries during a working lunch Tuesday with their Sofia-based ambassadors held on the initiative of Palestinian Ambassador Ahmad al-Madbouh, who is dean of the diplomatic corps in Bulgaria, said the Foreign Ministry. Economic cooperation and the commercial exchange were among the highlights of the discussion. Continuer à lire … « Algeria – Bulgaria’s Top Diplomat, Arab Ambassadors Discuss Bilateral Relations, Regional Conflicts #NorthAfrica »

Mali – Norway supports civilian capacity building for the #G5Sahel joint force

2018/02/24 – The situation in the vulnerable Sahel region has deteriorated since the crisis in Mali broke out in 2012. Instability and terrorism are impeding long-term development and depriving the population of an entire region of opportunities to create a better future. The Government has intensified its efforts in countries and regions affected by conflict and fragility, and we are now increasing our support for the Sahel region by a further NOK 15 million to around NOK 455 million. The increased funding will go to a civilian component of the G5 Sahel cooperation, including capacity building within international humanitarian law and human rights,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide.    Continuer à lire … « Mali – Norway supports civilian capacity building for the #G5Sahel joint force »