Niger/Libya: We Are Paying a Heavy Price for What’s Happening in Libya – President Issoufou

16/10/2019 Rhodes — The security threat to the Sahel region has been amplified by the Libyan crisis, said the President of Niger Mahamadou Issoufou. In his forthright assessment of the conflict, Issoufou said it seems the world has turned its back on countries that are dealing with the fallout of the crisis. Continuer à lire … « Niger/Libya: We Are Paying a Heavy Price for What’s Happening in Libya – President Issoufou »

Mali – Chinese envoy calls on Malians to engage in national dialogue

10/10/2019 – Chinese envoy on Tuesday called on parties in Mali to engage in an inclusive national dialogue in pursuit of peace and reconciliation. »All parties in Mali should seize the opportunity of the national dialogue to work together for peace and development in the country and peacefully resolve their differences through consultations, » Wu Haitao, China’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, told the Security Council. Continuer à lire … « Mali – Chinese envoy calls on Malians to engage in national dialogue »

Sudan closes border with Libya over “security and economic dangers”

01/10/2019 – The Sudanese transitional government ordered the immediate closure of the nation’s borders with Libya and Central African Republic on Thursday, citing unspecified security and economic “dangers”. Continuer à lire … « Sudan closes border with Libya over “security and economic dangers” »

Ivory Coast: Bolloré launches Aerohub

08/09/2019 – The French logistics company has enlarged its footprint in Western Africa by inaugurating a multi-modal logistics hub at Abijan’s Felix Houphouet Boigny Airport, investing 6.8 million euros. The “Aerohub” will provide logistic solutions tailored to players in the distribution of standard cargo, consumables, pharmaceuticals, the telecommunications and catering sectors. Continuer à lire … « Ivory Coast: Bolloré launches Aerohub »

Burkina Faso: Islamic State and al-Qaeda’s New Sanctuary

by Giorgio Cafiero and Daniel Wagner

For many years, violent extremists have exploited the impoverished and lawless Sahel region of Africa. Salafist-jihadist militias have frequently transited through the region’s porous borders, easily taking advantage of local grievances to establish a presence in countries such as Mali and Niger. Consequently, there have been countless terrorist attacks throughout West Africa, including a high-profile attack by al-Qaeda’s North Africa branch against the Ivory Coast’s Grand Bassam in 2016. Continuer à lire … « Burkina Faso: Islamic State and al-Qaeda’s New Sanctuary »

Chad: 11 dead amid inter-communal clashes

29/08/2019 – At least 11 people were killed amid fresh inter-communal clashes in southern Chad between farmers and herders earlier this week, local media reported.

The incident took place in Koumogo, around 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Barh Koh department in the Moyen-Chari region on Monday, the Al Wihda news site said on Wednesday. Police were deployed to the scene. Continuer à lire … « Chad: 11 dead amid inter-communal clashes »

Chad jails 243 rebels over incursion via Libya’s border #Tchad

28/08/2019 – Chad’s justice minister has said a “special criminal court” handed jail terms to 243 rebels who crossed from Libya in February, before their incursion was halted by French air raids. Continuer à lire … « Chad jails 243 rebels over incursion via Libya’s border #Tchad »