Guinea-Bissau, Africa’s most famous narco-state, goes to the polls

19/11/2019 – Near the port of Bissau, the capital of Guinea-Bissau, one of Africa’s smallest states, is a neglected monument to past rebellion. A giant fist of black steel commemorates striking dockers gunned down by Portuguese soldiers in 1959. The strike—and subsequent massacre—helped start a war for independence led by the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC), a Soviet-sponsored guerrilla movement. It took power in 1974 when Portugal’s dictatorship fell. Continuer à lire … « Guinea-Bissau, Africa’s most famous narco-state, goes to the polls »

EU Efforts to Support Private Sector in Libya

17/11/2019 – The EU has wounded up a 2 day workshop on assessment of capacity and laying down plans to promote the private sector in Libya. The project management said it aimed to put in place a work plan, and provide training opportunities for emerging small and medium size companies, to encourage their investments. The EU has launched, two week ago, a plan to support the private sector in Libya in collaboration with the Ministry of Planning and civil society organisations across the country, with the aim of building capacities and encouraging youth and women to contribute vigorously to the national economy. The EU-financed project is executed by France Experts Organisation.



Turkey extends troops deployment in #Mali, CAR

10/10/019 – Turkish parliament on Tuesday approved a motion, extending the deployment of troops in Mali and the Central African Republic (CAR), for another year, as part of the UN-approved EU peacekeeping mission. Continuer à lire … « Turkey extends troops deployment in #Mali, CAR »

German parliament extends army’s Africa missions #Niger #Mali

2019/05/09 – The German Bundestag, or lower house of parliament, voted overwhelmingly to extend three army missions in Africa for another year on Thursday. The army, known as the Bundeswehr, is currently engaged in one UN and one EU mission in Mali and another EU mission in Somalia. Continuer à lire … « German parliament extends army’s Africa missions #Niger #Mali »

Tunisia has taken back more than 1,000 terror suspects since 2011

2019/21/02 – More than 1,000 “terrorists” have returned from conflict zones to Tunisia, according to one of the country’s top security officials.

Mokhtar Ben Nasr, head the national counterterrorism commission, said the figure accounts for the number of jihadi suspects who have come back since 2011, according to Mosaique FM radio. Continuer à lire … « Tunisia has taken back more than 1,000 terror suspects since 2011 »

Sahel: UN official underlines human rights role in fighting terrorism, warns of threat posed by private militias

2019/01/24 – Senior UN human rights official, Andrew Gilmour, has welcomed the commitment of countries of the Sahel to protect the rights of civilians as they confront terrorism, and warned of the dangers posed by the growing number of ethnic-based private militias.

At the end of a nine-day visit to the region, the UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights said he was encouraged by the willingness of Sahel countries to adhere to international human rights and humanitarian law standards in their ongoing fight against terrorism. Continuer à lire … « Sahel: UN official underlines human rights role in fighting terrorism, warns of threat posed by private militias »

EU to establish new HQ in Libya and Tunisia for border governance and security reform

2019/09/01 – The European Union (EU) have chosen Tripoli and Tunisia as the HQ of the governing board for borders and reform of security services in Libya.

Tunisie-telegraph website reported Monday that the EU will launch the operation in January with a budget of more than 61 million euros, to continue until January 2020.

The operation aims to train 38 Libyan security elements with the participation of 15 countries under the supervision of Italy, according to the Tunisian site.

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