Mali – Iran to Increase Medical Help to African Countries

2019/03/02 – Rouhani stressed that Iran is willing to deepen relations with African countries, including Mali, adding, “there are good opportunities for development of relations between Iran and Mali in economic fields. »

Speaking on Saturday while receiving the letter of credentials of the new ambassador of Mali to Tehran, Hassan Rouhani said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to develop scientific and academic, as well as agricultural relations with African countries”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will continue to provide its technical aid to Mali, including in health field,” he added.

“Despite pressures imposed by some world powers, the Iranian nation is more prepared than before to defend its national interests, comparing to 40 years ago. »

President Rouhani also wished the new Malian Ambassador’s success in cementing ties between the two countries during his tenure, and described Mali a friendly country in Africa.

“The ways the leaders of the two countries think about bilateral and regional issues are very close and they should take advantage of economic opportunities,” he said.

The new Ambassador of Mali to Tehran said, for his part in the meeting, “The two countries have close economic relations and similar stances in international communities. »

“We are here to help develop economic relations to the level of political ones,” he said, adding that the President of Mali considers Iran as a friendly country.

 In a related front, earlier in 2017, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani underlined that his country and the African state of Mali share identical views on the need for continued fight against terrorist groups.

« We have close views on vital regional issues, specially campaign against terrorism, » Larijani said in a joint press conference with Malian Parliament Speaker Issaka Sidibé in Tehran.

Stressing Iran’s permanent attention to the African continent to broaden ties, he said, « During today talks, we held good discussions on the expansion of economic ties and we are interested in enhancing the level of trade relations. »

Larijani added that the meeting with the Malian speaker also focused on the Palestinian issue and the crises in the Islamic countries which have overshadowed it.

Elsewhere, he expressed the hope that the next conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Mali would be held successfully and end up in correct decisions about the challenges facing the Islamic countries.



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