France, UK say they look beyond Brexit in Mali cooperation

18/12/2019 – Sharing the cockpit of a helicopter on sizzling tarmac, French and British air force chiefs vowed to pursue the joint fight against jihadists in the heart of the Sahel even as the shadow of Brexit looms over their countries. Continuer à lire … « France, UK say they look beyond Brexit in Mali cooperation »

Mali: Nothing Religious, Just Business

13/10/2019 – Mali continues to be the most dangerous UN peacekeeping operation with over 200 dead so far. This is largely due to northern Mali, where most of these deaths occur. There was lots of violence up there since (and before) the peacekeepers arrived in early 2013. The peacekeepers are mainly African and in 2018 the combined forces suffered a death rate of about 130 per 100,000 per year (a standard measure of such things.) The rate in 2017 was nearly double that and that high rate seems to be returning in 2019. A lot of the violence has moved south to central Mali. Continuer à lire … « Mali: Nothing Religious, Just Business »

Mali – RAF Chinooks continue supporting French operations in Mali

2019/03/06 – Royal Air Force Chinook helicopters have been supporting the French forces in Mali on operations countering the ongoing insurgency, say the RAF.

The Chinooks have been transporting French personal to the forward operation bases as the French military conduct a changeover of troops. Continuer à lire … « Mali – RAF Chinooks continue supporting French operations in Mali »

Canada/Mali : Commons committee hears UN appeal to extend Mali mission

2019/20/02 – Canada is facing renewed pressure to keep its military helicopters in Mali until a relief force of Romanian aircraft arrives in October.

Last week, members of the all-party House of Commons defence committee heard the appeals directly from a senior United Nations representative and government officials in the troubled west African country. Continuer à lire … « Canada/Mali : Commons committee hears UN appeal to extend Mali mission »

Mali to create border guard corps, send reinforcements to Timbuktu region

2018/21/12 – Mali announced it will be sending reinforcements to the northern Timbuktu region and will create a new border guard corps amid growing concerns about security.

A total of 350 police officers, paramilitary gendarmes and soldiers will be deployed, Prime Minister Soumeylou Boubeye Maiga told reporters in Bamako on Saturday, December 15, after he returned from a visit to the area, AFP reported. Continuer à lire … « Mali to create border guard corps, send reinforcements to Timbuktu region »

2018/21/12 – The chief of staff of the defense forces of France, Army Gen. Jean-Pierre Bosser, visited the Gao military base that is the place of service for the Estonian infantry platoon deployed to Mali and thanked the soldiers from the nations supporting France in the operation, including Estonia, who are serving there. Bosser, who is on a two-day pre-Christmas visit to the Gao base, emphasized the importance of the operation for ensuring the security of the Sahel region and thanked all the soldiers participating in the mission, military spokespeople in Tallinn said. Continuer à lire … «  »

Jihadist leader ‘very probably’ killed by French forces in Mali

2018/15/11- French forces operating in Mali killed seven suspected jihadists after a recent nighttime raid, possibly including a top leader in an alliance of insurgents linked to Al-Qaeda, the French army said Thursday.

Al-Mansour Ag Alkassim, the chief of a wing of the Group to Support Islam and Muslims (GSIM), was « very probably » among those killed in the operation the night of Sunday to Monday, army spokesman Patrik Steiger told AFP. Continuer à lire … « Jihadist leader ‘very probably’ killed by French forces in Mali »