Libyan Army launches military operations to liberate Tarhuna

21/12/2019 – Tarhuna Protection Force of the Libyan Army has announced the start of an operation to liberate the city from what it said a group of corrupts who took the city as a hostage, killed its free people, and forcibly displaced them from their homes.

In a statement, the force called on all the social components of the city to support them in order to eradicate these criminals and mercenaries and return the city to the embrace of the motherland, according to the statement.

The Libyan Army announced yesterday, the success of their operations launched to liberate Tarhuna, confirming that its forces are stationed in several locations in its vicinity.

The Libya Observer


Libyan-Canadian Committee condemns Canada’s ambassador’s meeting with Tobruk HoR representatives

18/11/2019 – The Libyan Canadian Committee for Human Rights and Justice has condemned the meeting of the Canadian Ambassador to Libya, Hilary Childs Adams with a delegation from the Tobruk-based House of Representatives last Thursday in Tunis. Continuer à lire … « Libyan-Canadian Committee condemns Canada’s ambassador’s meeting with Tobruk HoR representatives »

Mali: Nothing Religious, Just Business

13/10/2019 – Mali continues to be the most dangerous UN peacekeeping operation with over 200 dead so far. This is largely due to northern Mali, where most of these deaths occur. There was lots of violence up there since (and before) the peacekeepers arrived in early 2013. The peacekeepers are mainly African and in 2018 the combined forces suffered a death rate of about 130 per 100,000 per year (a standard measure of such things.) The rate in 2017 was nearly double that and that high rate seems to be returning in 2019. A lot of the violence has moved south to central Mali. Continuer à lire … « Mali: Nothing Religious, Just Business »

Libya’s eastern-based army kills over 90 of UN-backed gov’t forces

23/09/2019 – The eastern-based army of Libya on Sunday announced killing more than 90 members of the rival UN-backed government’s forces in battles and airstrikes during the past two days. »The death toll of the militias (UN-backed government’s forces) exceeded 90 and more than 150 were injured, as a result of airstrikes and direct clashes. Most of those casualties are from the city of Misurata, » the eastern-based army’s information office said in a statement. Continuer à lire … « Libya’s eastern-based army kills over 90 of UN-backed gov’t forces »

Libya army captures six of Haftar’s militias south of Tripoli

16/09/2019 – The Volcano of Rage Operation confirmed it had captured six of Haftar’s gunmen while attempting to infiltrate the Ramla axis, south of Tripoli. Continuer à lire … « Libya army captures six of Haftar’s militias south of Tripoli »

LNA Accuses Qatar of Being ‘Terrorism Base’

23/08/2019 – The Libyan National Army (LNA) – commanded by Chief Marshal Khalifa Haftar – accused Qatar again of becoming a base for terrorism in Libya.

LNA spokesman Ahmed Mesmari described Qatar as the base for terrorism in Libya and other countries that witnessed terrorist attacks. Continuer à lire … « LNA Accuses Qatar of Being ‘Terrorism Base’ »

Libyan MPs Warn against Turkey’s Arming of Militias in Tripoli

13/07/2019 – Libyan MPs warned Saturday against the dangers of the « Turkish role over their country’s stability,” due to Ankara’s arming of terrorist militias in Tripoli. They also stressed their keenness to “extend bridges of cooperation with Egypt and bolster means of communication to eliminate terrorism in their country.” Continuer à lire … « Libyan MPs Warn against Turkey’s Arming of Militias in Tripoli »

Libya won’t restart largest field until militia leaves

2019/02/25 – Libya’s state-run National Oil Corp refused to restart the country’s biggest field after militants seized and declared it secure earlier this month. The standoff over Sharara, which can pump about 300,000 bopd, is entering its third month. NOC won’t resume production while armed groups are there, the company’s chairman Mustafa Sanalla said on Sunday. The Libyan National Army, loyal to eastern leader Khalifa Haftar, controls the field and said it’s ready to restart. Continuer à lire … « Libya won’t restart largest field until militia leaves »

Sahel: UN official underlines human rights role in fighting terrorism, warns of threat posed by private militias

2019/01/24 – Senior UN human rights official, Andrew Gilmour, has welcomed the commitment of countries of the Sahel to protect the rights of civilians as they confront terrorism, and warned of the dangers posed by the growing number of ethnic-based private militias.

At the end of a nine-day visit to the region, the UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights said he was encouraged by the willingness of Sahel countries to adhere to international human rights and humanitarian law standards in their ongoing fight against terrorism. Continuer à lire … « Sahel: UN official underlines human rights role in fighting terrorism, warns of threat posed by private militias »

France hits out at Putin over NEW plot – ‘Africa does NOT belong to Russia’ #Uranium

2018/06/11 – France on Monday expressed concern about the ongoing instability in its former colony the Central African Republic, warning in particular against an increased Russian military presence there that Paris says could undermine peace efforts. Continuer à lire … « France hits out at Putin over NEW plot – ‘Africa does NOT belong to Russia’ #Uranium »