Morocco makes new steps towards developing military industry

10/07/2020 – The kingdom will grant licenses for the manufacture of weapons and military and security equipment and for their export.

Morocco is seeking to modernise its armed forces and further develop its domestic military industry, a development experts say is achievable and even inevitable considering regional and international turbulence.Morocco is set to increase its defence budget in support of this ambition. On Monday, the kingdom announced related decisions taken during the Council of Ministers, chaired by  Moroccan King Mohammed VI. Continuer à lire … « Morocco makes new steps towards developing military industry »

Israeli companies to secure UN forces in Africa

2018/29/10 – In light of deteriorating security situation in continent, the United Nations signs agreements worth tens of millions of shekels with Israeli companies specializing in security and water; move deemed by Israel as vote of confidence. Continuer à lire … « Israeli companies to secure UN forces in Africa »

Algeria – Military industry: 771 multipurpose Mercedes-Benz vehicles delivered

2018/02/11- A total of 771 multipurpose Mercedes-Benz trucks and vehicles have been delivered Sunday by the company Algerian Motors Services Mercedes Benz (SPA AMS-MB) of Rouiba to the Central Material Department coming under the National Defense Ministry and to private and public economic companies, said the Ministry of the National Defense in a communiqué.

Source: APS