Why the UK May Be Sending Troops to Mali

23/03/2020 – The UK government’s decision to deploy an additional 250 soldiers to join the United Nations mission in Mali (known as MINUSMA) might be in Britain’s security interests. Firstly, because it is important to counter the spread of terrorism in Mali, and secondly because supporting France is consistent with the UK’s wider security goals. Such deployments display the UK’s commitment to international security and may well form a critical part of its post-BREXIT diplomacy. Continuer à lire … « Why the UK May Be Sending Troops to Mali »

Britain risks ‘open ended’ conflict in Mali in bid to protect European security

2018/07/21 – British helicopters have deployed to Mali in support of a French counter-terrorism operation amid warnings of being dragged into ‘open-ended’ conflict.
Three RAF Chinook helicopters supported by 90 military personnel have been sent to north-west Africa to assist French forces in their fight against Islamist insurgents.
The British helicopters, from RAF Odiham in Hampshire, will provide logistical and troop movement support. However, experts fear the deployment could mark the start of an open-ended commitment to a new military campaign.
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