Niger – Diffa : Un enseignant égorgé par des présumés éléments de Boko Haram

Niamey – Des éléments présumés de la secte Boko Haram ont égorgé, dans la nuit de vendredi au samedi dernier, un enseignant à Elmainari une bourgade située à une vingtaine de kilomètres de Diffa, ont rapporté des sources locales et syndicales.

Le défunt, père d’une dizaine d’enfants, enseignait depuis des années dans la région où il est très connu et d’où il est natif. Il était au moment des faits en service dans une école du secteur pédagogique de Geskérou comme directeur adjoint.  Continuer à lire … « Niger – Diffa : Un enseignant égorgé par des présumés éléments de Boko Haram »

Niger – A Deadly Ambush’s Great Mystery: What Are We Doing in Niger?

As the mystery deepens about the deaths of four American soldiers in an ambush by extremists in Niger, President Trump has disavowed responsibility and put the onus on the military. It’s the same sort of cowardly dodge he attempted when a Navy SEAL died in a botched raid in Yemen in January.

It won’t wash. Like his predecessors — presidents who were strong enough to actually acknowledge their heavy responsibility — Mr. Trump is commander in chief, in charge of putting the armed forces in harm’s way. Ultimately he and his Pentagon will have to provide a full accounting not only of the operation but also of how it fits into a broader strategy for countering terrorists in Africa.

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Mali – French Army denies killing kidnapped Malian soldiers in raid

BAMAKO, Mali  The French military is denying claims by al-Qaida-linked militants in northern Mali that 11 kidnapped Malian soldiers died during a French raid earlier this week.

The militants released a statement Friday alleging that the soldiers died during a French military operation in Tin-bidene. The French armed forces’ press office told The Associated Press that the report is false, labelling it « propaganda coming from an armed terrorist group. »

It was not immediately possible to independently verify the militants’ claim, and there was no comment from Mali’s government.


Niger – Niger is the perfect example of the US state of perma-war

The vast majority of Americans probably had no idea that the US even had military troops participating in combat missions in Africa before the incident in Niger in the beginning of October that left four American soldiers dead. But now the Trump administration is already planning to escalate lethal military operations in the country where the attack occurred – all with little debate.

Donald Trump has been involved in a bizarre public feud with the families of the fallen soldiers, which has dominated headlines and cable television for weeks. But there has been far less pointed questions about why the US military is fighting in Niger at all, and yet it seems likely that there’s about to be more US military presence in the country that will only make matters worse.

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Mali – Germany sends fourth Tiger helicopter to Mali

A fourth German Tiger combat helicopter was airlifted to Mali on 27 October, the Bundeswehr has announced. The partly dismantled helicopter was flown by Antonov An-124 from Leipzig to Bamako, where it is being reassembled before flying to Gao.

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In Sunni North Africa, fears of Iran’s Shi’ite shadow

 These are challenging times for North Africa’s Muslim governments. Even as Daesh is ousted from its strongholds in Iraq and Syria, the extremist group is continuing its battle against authorities in countries like Morocco, Algeria and Egypt.

On Oct. 16, the Egyptian military announced that six soldiers and at least 24 Daesh militants were killed in attacks on military outposts in North Sinai. That same weekend, Moroccan police arrested 11 members of an “extremely dangerous” Daesh-linked cell and seized chemical products used to make bombs. Algerian forces, meanwhile, have killed at least 71 Islamist fighters so far this year – the most since 2014. Continuer à lire … « In Sunni North Africa, fears of Iran’s Shi’ite shadow »

Niger – It’s Not Just Niger — U.S. Military Activity Is a “Recruiting Tool” for Terror Groups Across West Africa

The mission never made the front page of the New York Times or the Washington Post. It wasn’t covered on CNN or Fox News. Neither the White House chief of staff, the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, nor the president ever addressed it in a press briefing. But from mid-January to late March 2013, Green Berets from the 10th Special Forces Group deployed to the impoverished West African nation of Niger. Working alongside local forces, they trained in desert mobility, the use of heavy weapons, and methods of deliberate attack.

On May 15 of that year, another contingent of Special Forces soldiers arrived in Niger. For nearly two months, they also trained with local troops, focusing on similar combat skills with an emphasis on missions in remote areas. From the beginning of August until mid-September, yet another group of Green Berets traveled to the hot, arid country for training, concentrating on desert operations, heavy weapons employment, intelligence analysis, and other martial matters, according to Pentagon documents obtained by The Intercept via the Freedom of Information Act. Continuer à lire … « Niger – It’s Not Just Niger — U.S. Military Activity Is a “Recruiting Tool” for Terror Groups Across West Africa »