Libya’s stability is vital to North Africa and the Mediterranean, Italy’s Defense Minister says

2018/02/12 – The Italian Defense Minister Elisabetta Trenta has stressed that Libya is a priority for the international community because it is one of the main targets of terrorism.

Trenta said, in a training closing event for Libyan coastguards in Italy, that Italy will keep on supporting Libya’s efforts to regain stability and security so that North Africa and the Mediterranean can also be stable.

The training of the Libyan coastguards was supervised by the EU naval Operation Sophia.

She also hailed the graduation of a new patch of the Libyan coastguards, praising Italy’s commitment to helping Libya with tangible results on stabilization in the country, asking the other countries which are located on the Mediterranean to take up their responsibilities in « this shared issue. »

« It is a matter of interest and importance for all of Europe. » She added, saying despite the fact that they respect Libya’s sovereignty, Italy is pushing more for decisions to limit the flow of migrants.

Operation Sophia has been extended till the end of 2018 and was tasked with training Libyan coastguards and helping consolidate the UN ban on arms importation into Libya.

The fate of Sophia is yet unclear as disputes among EU countries are still ongoing regarding the disembarkation of migrants in their ports.

This has led the EU top official Federica Mogherini’s threats to end the operation if the member states haven’t reached an agreement.

Operation Sophia’s extension decision failed last month.

Abdulkader Assad

Libya Observer /  Sahel-Elite


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