Germany contributes 1.3 million euros to support Rule of Law and Security in Libya

2018/28/11 – German Ambassador to Libya, Oliver Owcza, and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Country Director, Sultan Hajiyev, signed Sunday an agreement by which Germany will contribute 1.3 million euros to the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and UNDP Policing and Security Joint Project.

The joint project aims to support the Presidential Council government to increase the capacity of security and rule of law institutions. It has already developed specialized police training curricula and conducted instructors’ development programme. It has also rehabilitated key training facilities in Tripoli and provided them with expertise and enabling resources.

The signing ceremony took place in the present of Brigadier Said Mohammed Ghars Allah Khalifa, Director of the General Training Department at the Ministry of Interior.

“Thanks to Government of Germany for its important contribution to the Joint UN programme enabling Rule of Law and Security Institutions to provide better services to Libyans.” Brig. Dr. Said Khalifa said.

Ambassador Owcza stated that “Security and the Rule of law are fundamental prerequisites for political stability, economic development and social justice. Modern police training facilities, systematic capacity development and continued improvement of professional skills are important elements to this end.”

For his part, UNDP Country Director, Hajiyev, emphasized that professional law enforcement ensuring rule of law and protecting the fundamental rights of citizens is a must for any country.

“Under our Joint Programme, Libyan institutions will get support to improve their capacity to address this crucial issue.   Together with our UNSMIL colleagues, UNDP will utilize this contribution from our gracious German partners to focus on the most urgently needed areas requiring international support.” He said.

The Libya Observer  / Sahel-Elite


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