UAE is funding campaigns to select pro-Haftar candidates for Libya 2018 elections

2018/06/04 – The United Arab Emirates is putting crazy money on the table and for one goal only: funding campaigns for elections candidates in Libya who are pro-Khalifa Haftar, The New Arab reported, citing Libyan sources.
UAE has held many meetings in Cairo, Tunisia, and Amman for the sake of picking the names to run for the elections in Libya with one common thread among all the names, loyalty to Khalifa Haftar, the website reported.
It revealed that the names include former Libya ambassador in the UAE, Area Al-Nayed, Libyan ambassador in France al-Shibani Buhamoud, the nominee of the House of Representatives to head National Oil Corporation in Libya, Edris Al-Maghrabi.
This isn’t the first time the name Aref Al-Nayed is pronounced publicly as regards the upcoming elections in Libya.
In an interview with Egyptian newspaper Youm7 in Dubai last March, Al-Nayed said he was preparing an election campaign in cooperation with teamwork of young people to get Libya out of its crisis.
Al-Nayed now owns a Libyan TV channel « Libya’s Channel » which is funded by the UAE.
« There are five lists that are being funded by the UAE, each list has four candidates who are loyal to Haftar. » The New Arab added.
It also cited the sources as saying that Haftar himself won’t run for president of Libya.
Libyan stakeholders, in the presence of Al-Nayed, agreed to go for elections on December 10, 2018 in the international conference hosted in Paris by French President Emmanuel Macron on May 29.

The Libyan Express

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