Algerian army performs live ammunition exercise near border with Libya #Mali

2018/05/14- Algerian army forces on Sunday performed a tactical exercise with live ammunition in the southernmost locality of Djanet, near the border with Libya, Algerian Defense Ministry said in a statement.
The exercise was called « tactical sub-grouping to face non-conventional attack, » the statement said, adding that it was performed under the supervision of Deputy Defense Minister and Army Chief of Staff, Gaid Salah, as part of his visit to the Fourth Military Region in Ouargla province, 800 km southeast of the capital Algiers.
The exercise is part of the implementation of 2017/2018 combat preparedness program, as it was carried « with great rigor, well highlighted by the accuracy with which the targets were reached, » said the source, hailing « the high level of professionalism of army forces in terms of executing combat actions. »
The statement further noted that Salah congratulated the hard work of the troops in the service of protecting the borders against all risks, threats and scourges.
The army chief also noted that the exercise is aimed to showcase the ability to assimilate the factors guaranteeing military power and imperatives, which will allow Algeria to realize its operational objectives in the geo-strategically unstable region.
The exercise came at a time when the region is plagued by unprecedented security and political instability, putting Algeria in ongoing terrorist threats.
In fact, the North African nation deployed tens of thousands of troops on eastern and southern borders to thwart potential intrusion of militants and arms, amid instability in Mali and civil war hitting Libya.

Sahel-Elite /Picture: Army Chief of Staff, Gaid Salah (APS)

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