Gambia hosts Senegalo-Gambia expert meeting

2018/03/12 – The Gambia host the first Presidential Council Meeting between the governments of the Republic of The Gambia and the Republic of Senegal in an expert meeting held at Kairaba Beach Hotel on Sunday.

The Presidential Council Meeting which brought together experts from the governments of the two countries was created in March 2017 during President Barrow’s state visit in Senegal to strengthen bilateral ties between the two neighbouring countries at the presidential level.

In his welcoming remarks, the permanent secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ebrima Camara said The Gambia is proud to host the event for the first time since its creation in Dakar in March last year. He said the meeting is an important ingredient to the meeting of the Presidential Council. He said during Barrow’s visit to Senegal, the two presidents renewed their commitment to cement the ties of friendship and cooperation through the pursuit of mutually beneficial bilateral interests.

“Ultimately, the primary objective set up by our two leaders is to promote dialogue and the undertaking of and implementation of actions, in good faith and with openness. The baseline is to foster cooperation to the general welfare of our two peoples and bring them happiness,” he said.

PS Camara said both countries should be committed to the cooperation and implement the agreements in good faith and in good time as set up by the two leaders.

The Senegalese ambassador to The Gambia, Prof. Salieu Ndiaye emphasised the need for both countries to move towards a concrete action, saying the time of solemn declaration is over. Ambassador Ndiaye said implementation should be the key word in their deliberations which will compel them to deliver on the expectations.

According to him, another expert meeting will be held in Dakar in six months’ time to make assessment of the agreements to be made in Banjul.

An expert report will be made after series of discussions amongst the experts which will be presented at the Ministerial Meeting today.

Source: The Point


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