Mali / Kuwait welcomes Mali’s efforts to maintain #security and justice

2018/01/24 – The State of Kuwait welcomed the « positive steps » taken by the Government of the Republic of Mali in defense, security, justice, economic development, and implementation of the peace and reconciliation agreement.
This came during a speech delivered by Kuwait Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi in special session held late Tuesday discussing a report by Secretary-General on the situation in Mali.
Al-Otaibi called on all sides to cooperate in order to ensure the implementation of all requirements of the agreement signed by the follow- up committee on January 16th in the capital Bamako and to face the common terrorist threats.
In spite of expressing regret and concern at the deterioration of the security situation in Mali, he praised the efforts of the peacekeeping forces whose lives are threatened daily to maintain security and peace in a dangerous environment that killed 42 people in 2017.
Ambassador Al-Otaibi stressed the necessity of solving real causes behind such conflict, referring that Kuwait welcomes the ceasefire agreement reached by fighting factions on December 20 calling them to work on improving security situation in the country.
He said that the increased in terror attacks, the spread of extremist ideology, and the targeting of peacekeepers and Mali’s forces are all being followed with great concerns, condemning all terrorist activities in the region.
Regarding the Joint Force of the Group of Five for the Sahel, Kuwait representative welcomed resolution (2391) in this regard urging the States of the Group and the United Nations to finalize the technical agreement to facilitate its work.
He noted that in spite of deterioration of security situation, Mali is witnessing a promising economic growth, according to the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for West Africa and the Sahel, Mohammed bin Chambas, in his last briefing to the Council on 11 January 2018.
Al-Otaibi also welcomed efforts done by the government of Mali and UN mission to implement projects that would help in creating new job opportunities for the people, and improving their financial status.
On his part, He welcomed Secretary General decision to form an international investigating committee in Mali to follow up with violation of international law for human rights and resolution 2364 .
« We stress the importance of their efforts in the technical, logistical and advisory support of government of Mali, which we wish to succeed in organizing local and presidential elections this year, » he concluded.

Source: KUNA

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