Niger – Pakistani Expert Slams US Drone Attack Plans in Niger

New Delhi — Talat Masood, considered Pakistan’s topmost security expert, has warned that the use of drones by the US military in Niger would be unjustified, as it would cause civilian causalities. Masood’s observations come amid media reports that Niger has requested the US military carry out drone operations against militants operating along its border with Mali.

« I asked them some weeks ago to arm them (US drones) and use them as needed, » Defense Minister Kalla Mountari of Niger had told the media recently.

Niger is a key US ally in the fight against terrorism. The United States has provided support for the military of Niger, especially in the way of training forces to combat multiple terrorist groups. Niger faces threats from the local Boko Haram along its southern border and Algeria-based al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb along its porous borders to the west and north. Pockets of Islamic State fighters reportedly operate in the west.

Pakistani expert Talat Masood is of the opinion that the irresponsible use of US drones has been a major cause of fallout between countries, causing tension around the world

He claimed that the use of drones in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region was America’s unilateral move.

A growing US military role in Niger is both unpopular with the local population as well as among the American civil society, which considers the country’s engagement in the central African country a costly affair.

Source : SPUTNIK

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