Russia offered technical assistance in situation around Renaissance Dam

08/07/2020 – The dam is supposed to become the largest in Africa, consisting of 15 radial-axis hydraulic units.

Russia has offered its technical assistance to the countries involved in the dispute over Ethiopia’s construction of the Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile River, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday. He was speaking after talks with the foreign ministers of the troika of the African Union (Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, South Africa) that were held in a video format. »We offered the participants of the conflict our assistance, in particular technical assistance. There are things that can be useful. They know about it, » Lavrov said. Continuer à lire … « Russia offered technical assistance in situation around Renaissance Dam »

Making digital water infrastructure for Sub-Saharan Africa

2018/05/15 – Siemens AG is helping to make a fully automated water management system in Sub-Saharan Africa, a move that is set to have an effect in the water demands of the people in the region Continuer à lire … « Making digital water infrastructure for Sub-Saharan Africa »

KFAED signs KD 9.5 mln loan agreement with Mali

KUWAIT, Oct 14  A loan agreement, totaling KD 9.5 million (USD 32 million), was signed between Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) and the Republic of Mali to finance a drinking water project in the Bamako capital district.
According to a statement by KFAED on Saturday, the loan will also help improve social development and economy in the area, through providing adequate amounts of water as a source from Niger River to needed areas due to increase demand of water.
The project consists mainly of civil and electromechanical works to expand the Bamako water project, as a first phase through the construction of a new water treatment plant and the laying of conveyor lines, as well as the construction of reservoirs, pumping stations, distribution networks, household connections and water taps.
The project also includes the provision of consultancy services for the preparation of detailed designs, tender documents, and supervision of implementation, institutional support and project management.

Kuwait News Agency