Pentagon report: Turkey sent up to 3,800 fighters to Libya

18/07/2020 – Turkey sent between 3,500 and 3,800 paid Syrian fighters to Libya over the first three months of the year, the U.S. Defense Department’s inspector general concluded in a new report, its first to detail Turkish deployments that helped change the course of Libya’s war.

The report comes as the conflict in oil-rich Libya has escalated into a regional proxy war fueled by foreign powers pouring weapons and mercenaries into the country. The U.S. military has grown increasingly concerned about Russia’s growing influence in Libya, where hundreds of Russian mercenaries backed a campaign to capture the capital, Tripoli, in the country’s west. Continuer à lire … « Pentagon report: Turkey sent up to 3,800 fighters to Libya »

China in bid to extend Africa trade success into military sphere

2019/03/02 – China’s controversial investment initiatives in Africa have overshadowed its military presence on the continent. And that aspect of Chinese involvement is sizeable and expanding, according to a US Defence Department think-tank.

Several little-noted deployments of Chinese forces in Africa have followed the adoption of a law in 2015 permitting the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to operate in other countries. Continuer à lire … « China in bid to extend Africa trade success into military sphere »