We Should Exempt Africa from the UK-Russia Geopolitical Confrontation

Their differences notwithstanding, the UK and Russia could cooperate in Africa.

Today, neither Russia nor the UK can claim a leadership role in Africa. London reached the peak of its influence there between the First and Second World Wars, when the British Empire had a large part of the continent under its direct control. Moscow’s heydays in Africa were the 1960s and 1970s, when the Soviet Union was the main overseas supporter of the continent’s national liberation movements. The odds are that in the 21st century, the destinies of African countries will depend more on the logic of the emerging global competition between the US and China than on any decisions taken in the Kremlin or Downing Street. Continuer à lire … « We Should Exempt Africa from the UK-Russia Geopolitical Confrontation »

GNA Minister of Interior Meets British Ambassador

19/11/2019 – GNA Minister of Interior Fathi Pashagha on Monday met the British Ambassador to Libya Nicholas Hopton. According to the Interior Ministry’s website, the meeting focused on political and humanitarian situation in Libya and prospects of mutual cooperation in combating terrorism and organized crime, illegal migration and other issues of common interest.



Libya and the UK discuss fostering security cooperation

16/10/2019 – The Minister of Interior, Fathi Bashagha has discussed with the Chargé d’Affaires of the British Embassy in Libya, Nicholas Hopton training of security service personnel of the ministry.

The meeting reviewed prospects for cooperation between Libya’s Interior Ministry and its British counterpart, in addition to other security topics related to the fight against terrorism, organized crime, and illegal immigration, according to the ministry’s Information Office.

Libya Observer


Niger – Communiqué de presse conjoint : EUCAP Sahel Niger et l’OIM renforcent la sécurité le long de la frontière entre le Niger et le Nigéria

11/10/2019 – En présence des hautes autorités de l’État ainsi que des partenaires internationaux, les représentants de l’EUCAP Sahel Niger et de l’OIM ont procédé hier, jeudi 10 Octobre à Birni N’Konni, dans la région de Tahoua, à la pose de la première pierre du nouveau complexe de la Compagnie Mobile de Contrôle des Frontières (CMCF) financé par la République fédérale d’Allemagne et le Royaume des Pays-Bas. Continuer à lire … « Niger – Communiqué de presse conjoint : EUCAP Sahel Niger et l’OIM renforcent la sécurité le long de la frontière entre le Niger et le Nigéria »

Britain pledges to assist Nigeria in war against Boko Haram

10/10/2019 – The British Government and its Defence Council have pledged to assist the Nigerian Army by providing logistics to effectively prosecute the counter-Boko Haram insurgency war in the North-East. Continuer à lire … « Britain pledges to assist Nigeria in war against Boko Haram »

Mauritanie / UK – Le ministre de la Défense Nationale reçoit l’ambassadeur du Royaume Uni en Mauritanie

09/09/2019 – Le ministre de la Défense Nationale, M. Hanena Ould Sidi, a reçu en audience, lundi à Nouakchott, SEM Simon Diden, ambassadeur du Royaume Uni en Mauritanie.

La rencontre a porté sur les relations de coopération existant entre les deux pays amis et les moyens susceptibles de les renforcer, notamment dans le domaine de la Défense Nationale.


Sahel-Elite | Image de la rencontre (AMI)

Is Africa ready for weapons that call their own shots?

28/08/2019 – Robotic weapons that once activated can select and attack targets without any further human intervention are being developed by the United States, China, Russia, the United Kingdom, South Korea and Israel. Often listed as part of the ‘third revolution’ in warfare, after conventional weapons and nuclear weapons, lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWS) will be unpredictable on the battlefield. Continuer à lire … « Is Africa ready for weapons that call their own shots? »