Nuclear/Africa : African Universities Meet to Prompt Human Resource Development in Nuclear Science and Technology with IAEA Support

2018/09/11 – A shortage of qualified workers in nuclear science and technology remains a significant challenge common to several African IAEA Member States. Additionally, education and training often rely on foreign educational institutions and on training provided in other regions.

With the support of the IAEA, a first-of-a-kind meeting focusing on means to address these human resource development needs in Africa, gathered Vice-Chancellors of African universities and representatives of regional bodies involved in education and training on 25-26 June 2018. Continuer à lire … « Nuclear/Africa : African Universities Meet to Prompt Human Resource Development in Nuclear Science and Technology with IAEA Support »

Expansion of Iran’s environmental cooperation with Finland, Algeria

2018/09/09 –  The head of the Center for International Affairs and the Conventions of the Organization for the Environment of Iran, met with the environmental ministers of Finland, Estonia and Algeria, and emphasized the deepening of the environmental relations among the countries. Continuer à lire … « Expansion of Iran’s environmental cooperation with Finland, Algeria »

Kenya to host Africa aviation safety meet next week

2018/09/01 – The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) will next week host the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation Africa Conference.

The conference will kick off on September 4 to 6 in Mombasa and will be held under the theme of “Improving efficiency through collaborative decision making and air traffic flow management”. Continuer à lire … « Kenya to host Africa aviation safety meet next week »

Is Africa ready for nuclear energy?

2018/08/26 – Years back, nuclear energy was a fancy option limited to the industrialized world. In due course, nuclear could be an energy source for much of Africa, where only South Africa currently has a nuclear power plant.

Governments across the continent are devising development policies to become middle-income countries in the medium term. Socioeconomic growth comes with a rise in energy demand—and a need for a reliable and sustainable energy supply. Continuer à lire … « Is Africa ready for nuclear energy? »

Space programs will boost development in Africa

2018/08/19 – The fascinating space adventures of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are essential viewing for anyone seeking to understand the future of business and industry here on Earth.

Rockets and space are increasingly important to Africa, where more countries have been partnering to launch or are launching their own satellites. Still, discussions here remain more prosaic than determining how soon we’ll be colonizing Mars or sending industrial operations to the moon. Continuer à lire … « Space programs will boost development in Africa »

Drones equipped with AI are putting a stop to illegal fishing in Africa

2018708/19 – Across the waters of Africa, drones are being used to hunt down illegal fisherman, a group that costs Africa over $1 billion and hurts wildlife populations. These unmanned systems use AI to track and identify boats, ultimately cutting costs by replacing large, manned aircraft. Moroccan technology startup ATLAN Space is behind the development of this artificial intelligence used and looks to win back money for the people of Africa. Continuer à lire … « Drones equipped with AI are putting a stop to illegal fishing in Africa »

Accra – Experts in nuclear science meet to review work

2018/07/11 – Nuclear scientists and experts are meeting in Accra to review the efforts of member states of the African Regional Cooperative Agreement for Research and Development and Training (AFRA) related to nuclear science and technology for the peaceful promotion of nuclear technology in development. Continuer à lire … « Accra – Experts in nuclear science meet to review work »