Making digital water infrastructure for Sub-Saharan Africa

2018/05/15 – Siemens AG is helping to make a fully automated water management system in Sub-Saharan Africa, a move that is set to have an effect in the water demands of the people in the region Continuer à lire … « Making digital water infrastructure for Sub-Saharan Africa »

Mali will launch new system to warn against climate risks

2018/05/13 – Mali has launched a new multi-hazard early warning system to strengthen resilience to climate risks and natural hazards.
The Climate Risk and Early Warning Systems (CREWS) project is part of a wider plan aiming to modernise the hydrological and meteorological services in Mali. The project will be implemented over a four year period and unite the national institutions for meteorology, hydrology, food security and civil protection. Continuer à lire … « Mali will launch new system to warn against climate risks »