Tunisia Raises Security Alert Level on Borders following US Warning

2019/01/11 – The Tunisian army and security forces have increased security alert level to the maximum on borders with Libya and Algeria, days after the US Department of State warned US citizens to avoid travel to Tunisia due to increased risk of terrorist attacks against foreign and domestic targets in the country. Continuer à lire … « Tunisia Raises Security Alert Level on Borders following US Warning »

Sudan/Libya – Khartoum meeting discusses Libya’s border security

2018/02/12 – Since 2012, Libya’s six neighbouring counties have met with increasing regularity to assess the situation there. Ministers from the six met in Niamey last April and are to meet there in December for a scheduled update on the subject.However, a November 29 regional meeting in Khartoum had a more specific aim. Foreign ministers from Libya, Sudan and Egypt and UN Special Envoy Ghassan Salame, as well as junior foreign ministers of Tunisia and Algeria, attended the meeting. Also present were representatives from Chad, the Arab League, the European Union and the African Union. Continuer à lire … « Sudan/Libya – Khartoum meeting discusses Libya’s border security »

Libya’s eastern forces apprehend Egyptian Al-Qaeda-affiliate in Derna

2018/08/10 – The self-styled army in eastern Libya led by Khalifa Haftar has arrested an Egyptian former military officer accused of being behind a string of high-profile attacks in Egypt, according to the announcement made by Haftar’s forces spokesperson Ahmed Al-Mismari.

The Egyptian man named Hesham Ashmawi was arrested on Sunday in Libya’s eastern city of Derna – located some 300 kilometres west of the Egyptian border with Libya – Al-Mesmari said on Monday. Continuer à lire … « Libya’s eastern forces apprehend Egyptian Al-Qaeda-affiliate in Derna »

Algeria conducts security sweep in three border provinces with Tunisia

2018707/12 – The Algerian army launched a military operation in three border provinces with Tunisia in order to “prevent the infiltration of terrorists during their pursuit by the Tunisian security forces”. This comes in response to an attack on the members of the National Guard two days ago, according to a security source. Continuer à lire … « Algeria conducts security sweep in three border provinces with Tunisia »