‘Local politics, porous borders benefit Boko Haram’

21/08/2020 – While many extremist terror groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS/Daesh have largely faded from the world scene, their African counterpart, Boko Haram continues to wreak havoc in Nigeria, Chad, Niger, and Cameroon. Continuer à lire … « ‘Local politics, porous borders benefit Boko Haram’ »

Senegal builds military camp near Mali boundary to deal with ‘cross-border threats’

17/07/2020 – Senegal on Tuesday began building a military camp near its border with violence-torn Mali to address « cross-border threats (and) trafficking », the defence ministry said.

The camp is being constructed at Goudiry in the east of the country, nearly 600km from the capital Dakar. Continuer à lire … « Senegal builds military camp near Mali boundary to deal with ‘cross-border threats’ »

Ivory Coast creates military zone after jihadist attack

13/07/2020 – Ivory Coast has created a special military zone in the north of the country, the government said Monday, less than a month after a deadly jihadist attack on a frontier post. Continuer à lire … « Ivory Coast creates military zone after jihadist attack »

The Algerian president appoints a new military commander for the provinces bordering Libya

11/07/2020 – The Algerian President, Abdel Majid Taboun, Thursday, appointed Omar Tlemceni, as new commander for the fourth military area in the border region of Wuargla with Libya. The Algerian presidency said in a statement that the President « Taboun » has assigned « Omar Tlemceni » to lead the fourth military aspect as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and the Minister of Defense. The fourth military aspect in Algeria includes most of the provinces bordering with Libya, and its headquarters are in the state of Wuargla.


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The Blue Line: The Israel-Sudan Border? The Challenge of Infiltrators from Lebanon (By: Assaf Orion)

09/07/2020 – A new security challenge has emerged from Lebanon: Sudanese trying to cross the Blue Line into Israeli territory in search of work. In May 2020, the IDF prevented three incidents involving ten infiltrators, and in mid-June, one was captured on the outskirts of the town of Shlomi, in northern Israel. In addition, there were at least four cases reported in which close to twenty would-be infiltrators were captured by the Lebanese army, some with the help of UNIFIL, as well as one case of a Sudanese who was found shot to death deep in Lebanese territory. There are also an increasing number of reports of military operations or increased drills by the IDF along the northern border, including illuminating shells, land forces, and aircraft, and in mid-May, a Syrian who had crossed into Israel was shot and wounded in the Mt. Dov region. A municipality leader went far in describing the seriousness of the situation, and other elected officials compared the attempted infiltrations from Lebanon to past infiltrations along the Egyptian border, in an attempt to leverage this development politically by reigniting the issue of migrant workers in Israel and to take a stab at the legal system.
However, those seeking work are not terrorists, a few infiltrators are not a wave, the Blue Line between Israel and Lebanon is not the peace border in Sinai, and the necessary response on both sides of the border must be crafted professionally, based on the unique characteristics of the challenge at the current time.

Continuer à lire … « The Blue Line: The Israel-Sudan Border? The Challenge of Infiltrators from Lebanon (By: Assaf Orion) »

Questions about SANDF deployment in Mozambique unanswered

09/07/2020 – A question on the deployment of the South African National Defence Force’s (SANDF) special forces and maritime reaction squadron in Mozambique went unanswered in Parliament on Wednesday. Continuer à lire … « Questions about SANDF deployment in Mozambique unanswered »

Tunisian military shoot at vehicles crossing illegally from Libya

08/07/2020 – Tunisian army troops on the border with Libya shot Tuesday night at vehicles that crossed into Tunisia, said a statement by the Tunisian Ministry of Defence.There were no reports of casualties. Continuer à lire … « Tunisian military shoot at vehicles crossing illegally from Libya »

Sudan closes border with Libya over “security and economic dangers”

01/10/2019 – The Sudanese transitional government ordered the immediate closure of the nation’s borders with Libya and Central African Republic on Thursday, citing unspecified security and economic “dangers”. Continuer à lire … « Sudan closes border with Libya over “security and economic dangers” »

Sudan, Libya, Chad and Niger to launch border protection centre

2019/02/ 25- Sudan, Libya, Chad and Niger have signed the executive regulation of the Joint Operations Centre to secure the border among the four countries.The fourth ministerial meeting to secure the border among the four nations has been held on 22 February in the Niger’s capital, Niamey. Continuer à lire … « Sudan, Libya, Chad and Niger to launch border protection centre »

Tunisia Raises Security Alert Level on Borders following US Warning

2019/01/11 – The Tunisian army and security forces have increased security alert level to the maximum on borders with Libya and Algeria, days after the US Department of State warned US citizens to avoid travel to Tunisia due to increased risk of terrorist attacks against foreign and domestic targets in the country. Continuer à lire … « Tunisia Raises Security Alert Level on Borders following US Warning »