In Darfur, revamped Janjaweed militia still kill, rape with impunity

03/&01/2020 – “I returned to Geneina, Zalinge, Gosile and Doram villages in March 2018. I had been told the situation had changed, but nothing has changed. Women continue to be raped. What are we going to do if we go back to Darfur? Going back is impossible for now. I don’t even dream of going back.”

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Sudan sending troops to west Darfur

02/02/2020 – Sudan authorities will deploy military forces to West Darfur and suspend peace talks with rebel groups for 24 hours after an outbreak of violence around the regional capital. Continuer à lire … « Sudan sending troops to west Darfur »

Sudanese army dismisses participation in Libya’s conflict

28/12/2019 – Sudanese military spokesman Amer Mohamed al-Hassan Friday denied any connection between the Sudanese army and Sudanese mercenary groups in Libya.

« Mercenaries do not have a specific country. It has become a profession, he said in a televised statement, on Friday. Continuer à lire … « Sudanese army dismisses participation in Libya’s conflict »