Sudan sending troops to west Darfur

02/02/2020 – Sudan authorities will deploy military forces to West Darfur and suspend peace talks with rebel groups for 24 hours after an outbreak of violence around the regional capital. Continuer à lire … « Sudan sending troops to west Darfur »

Sudanese army dismisses participation in Libya’s conflict

28/12/2019 – Sudanese military spokesman Amer Mohamed al-Hassan Friday denied any connection between the Sudanese army and Sudanese mercenary groups in Libya.

« Mercenaries do not have a specific country. It has become a profession, he said in a televised statement, on Friday. Continuer à lire … « Sudanese army dismisses participation in Libya’s conflict »

A Gambian Paramilitary Fighter Could Face Justice in the United States

26/12/2019 – While Gambia wrestles with its past and decides how to hold those accused of human rights violations to account, the United States must similarly determine what to do with a former Gambian soldier now in U.S. custody. Continuer à lire … « A Gambian Paramilitary Fighter Could Face Justice in the United States »

Libya’s paramilitary force to ‘cleanse’ country’s south

2019/01/15- A spokesman for Libya’s powerful paramilitary based in the eastern city of Benghazi says its troops are launching an operation « to cleanse » the country’s south of Islamic militants and criminals.Ahmed al-Mesmari of the self-styled Libyan National Army that answers to Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter told reporters on Tuesday that the operations aims to « eliminate gangs, Islamic State terrorists and criminals » in the south. Continuer à lire … « Libya’s paramilitary force to ‘cleanse’ country’s south »