NOC discusses with international energy companies developing oil and gas sector in Libya

13/10/2019 – The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has held a series of meetings in London to discuss the development of oil and gas sectors in Libya.

The NOC head, Mustafa Sanallah, convened a meeting with Suncor and Equinor energy companies to review the mechanisms of enhancing cooperation and activating the role of the Joint Task Force to increase the production of oilfields managed by Harouge Oil Operations company, according to the NOC Facebook page.

Equinor is associated with a production sharing agreement with the NOC and is part of the second consortium of companies in the Sharara oil field, which is operated by Akakus Oil Operations company.

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Savannah Petroleum To Export Oil Via Niger-Benin Pipeline In 2021

16/09/2019 – Savannah Petroleum PLC on Monday said a transportation convention was signed between China National Petroleum Corp and the Republic of Niger in relation to the crude oil export pipeline from the Agadem Rift basin to the Atlantic coast in Benin.Savannah’s flagship asset covers 50% of the « highly prospective » Agadem Rift basin of south east Niger. Therefore, the company said it is entitled to access such third-party infrastructure. Continuer à lire … « Savannah Petroleum To Export Oil Via Niger-Benin Pipeline In 2021 »

Germany aims to host Libya conference to stabilize oil producer

12/09/2019 – The plans, which are still in the early stages according to diplomats, are the first major diplomatic push since eastern forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar launched in April an offensive to take the capital Tripoli, held by the internationally recognized government of Premier Fayez al-Serraj. Continuer à lire … « Germany aims to host Libya conference to stabilize oil producer »

Libya – Eastern Libyan oilfield al-Bayda closes due to maintenance-engineers

04/09/2019 – Libya’s eastern al-Bayda oilfield has halted work due to pipeline maintenance work, field engineers said on Wednesday.The field pumped until the closure around 7,000 barrels a day, forcing state oil firm AGOCO, part of NOC, to lower production to 270,000 bpd, the engineers said. Reporting by Ayman al-Warfalli Writing by Ulf Laessing Editing by Catherine Evans.



Halliburton to resume its Libya activities due to improved security: Sirte Oil Company

28/08/2019 – Oil services giant Halliburton plans to resume its activities in Libya, Sirte Oil Company (SOC) claimed in a statement yesterday.

The statement came after SOC Chairman Naji Ahfaf, Chairman met Colby Fuser, Vice President of Halliburton Petroleum Services, and Mr. Moataz Yousef, General Manager of Halliburton Libya, at SOC offices yesterday.

During the wide-ranging meeting held between the two companies, ways for Halliburton to return to its activities and resume its business in the field of oil services were discussed, SOC reported.

SOC also reported that Halliburton had ‘‘confirmed its intention to participate during the year in the company’s business after the stability of the security situation in the company’s (SOC) areas of operations.

“The resumption of Halliburton’s business is a good opportunity and we are excited about this and look forward to the resumption of Halliburton’s activity in Libya and cooperation in the field of oil services,” Colby Fuser was quoted to have said by SOC’s Information Office.

The stability of the security situation in the company’s oil fields is an important factor encouraging the return of foreign companies to resume their activities, particularly major international companies, SOC added.

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Sahel-Elite | Photo: Halliburton to return to its operations in Libya SOC claimed (Photo: SOC).

Serraj government discussing further funding for NOC to activate Libyan economy

24/08/2019 – Faiez Serraj, head of Libya’s internationally recognized Presidential Council and Government of National Accord, held an expanded meeting yesterday to discuss increased investment in the country’s oil sector.

The meeting was attended by the Ministers of Planning and Finance as well as the Governor of the Tripoli Central Bank of Libya (CBL), the Chairman of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), the head of the Audit Bureau, and the head of the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA). Continuer à lire … « Serraj government discussing further funding for NOC to activate Libyan economy »

Libya won’t restart largest field until militia leaves

2019/02/25 – Libya’s state-run National Oil Corp refused to restart the country’s biggest field after militants seized and declared it secure earlier this month. The standoff over Sharara, which can pump about 300,000 bopd, is entering its third month. NOC won’t resume production while armed groups are there, the company’s chairman Mustafa Sanalla said on Sunday. The Libyan National Army, loyal to eastern leader Khalifa Haftar, controls the field and said it’s ready to restart. Continuer à lire … « Libya won’t restart largest field until militia leaves »