Algeria preparing for return of foreign fighters with efforts to fight terrorism

2018/02/17 – The threat of the return of foreign fighters to the North African and Sahel regions after the defeat of Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq, obsesses Algeria as neighboring countries like Libya, Niger and Mali are still suffering security instability, which could constitutes safe heaven to those foreign fighters. Continuer à lire … « Algeria preparing for return of foreign fighters with efforts to fight terrorism »

Niger : America Should Not Overcommit Forces in North Africa

Nearly two months after four American servicemen were killed by terrorists affiliated with the Islamic State in Niger, there is a growing concern among counterterrorism experts that the collapse of ISIS in the Middle East will result in the group shifting its focus to Africa. An area of particular concern is the Sahel, a semi-arid region south of the Sahara spanning from Mauritania and Senegal in the west to Eritrea in the east, and dipping as far south as Nigeria. While the urge for the American military to pursue ISIS into Africa is heavily embedded within the fabric of its counterinsurgency playbook, the United States would be wise in exercising restraint by not committing significant resources towards targeting terrorists in the Sahel. If the United States is concerned with the rise of terrorism in the Sahel and wants to allocate military resources to the region, Washington should instead adopt a strategy designed to positively empower regional allies while eliminating the systemic problems that create the conditions for terrorism to thrive in the first place. Continuer à lire … « Niger : America Should Not Overcommit Forces in North Africa »

Qatar – Plans to introduce direct shipping lines to North Africa

Qatar is considering to start direct shipping lines from the newly-opened Hamad Port to North Africa region, connecting several countries, including Tunisia, Morocco and other Arab states in the region to boost bilateral trade.

The idea of introducing direct marine link with the region will not only be limited to expanding trade volume but also to use the region as a gateway to Europe and other countries to exporting and re-exporting goods from the multi-billion dollar Hamad Port and the upcoming food processing complex being developed adjacent to the iconic port, according to some prominent Qatari businessmen. Continuer à lire … « Qatar – Plans to introduce direct shipping lines to North Africa »

In Sunni North Africa, fears of Iran’s Shi’ite shadow

 These are challenging times for North Africa’s Muslim governments. Even as Daesh is ousted from its strongholds in Iraq and Syria, the extremist group is continuing its battle against authorities in countries like Morocco, Algeria and Egypt.

On Oct. 16, the Egyptian military announced that six soldiers and at least 24 Daesh militants were killed in attacks on military outposts in North Sinai. That same weekend, Moroccan police arrested 11 members of an “extremely dangerous” Daesh-linked cell and seized chemical products used to make bombs. Algerian forces, meanwhile, have killed at least 71 Islamist fighters so far this year – the most since 2014. Continuer à lire … « In Sunni North Africa, fears of Iran’s Shi’ite shadow »