Africa can get more from its minerals by building industries to service mines

2018/09/10 – Multinational firms from Europe, North America and more recently China still dominate the extraction and refining of most of minerals mined in Africa with minimal roles for African firms. From these minerals, foreign manufacturing firms produce consumer and industrial goods for sale in global markets at much higher prices than what’s paid for the raw materials. This is a source of lots of angst among policymakers and economists who are calling for increased local participation in the mining industry. Continuer à lire … « Africa can get more from its minerals by building industries to service mines »

Mauritania encourages new gold prospects #uranium

2018/03/11 – Mauritania-based mining and exploration company Suricate Minerals is capitalising on the unexplored territories and the investor-friendly climate of the country to pioneer the development of gold deposits in north Mauritania, Suricate Minerals executive director Ahmed Hertani tells Mining Weekly.

Mauritania is the ideal location in Africa for gold exploration, as it contains many unexplored territories that are known to contain large gold deposits, he emphasises. Continuer à lire … « Mauritania encourages new gold prospects #uranium »