Morocco’s Security Strategy: A comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach is the answer

2018/03/05 – In an incisive talk here in New Delhi (February 28) on Morocco’s security strategy to prevent terrorism and counter extremism, Dr Assia BenSalah Alaoui, ambassador at large of King Mohammed VI, put forth an excellent presentation on behalf of the North African nation. It will be recalled that despite turbulent winds sweeping through the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in the wake of the 2011 Arab Spring movement, Morocco has remained an island of stability in this part of the world. Meanwhile, Morocco’s regional neighbours including Tunisia – which experienced a painful democratic transition – Egypt – whicha saw a series of violent protests and counter-protests with the army finally gaining control – and Libya – where all institutions were destroyed with the country being overrun by a plethora of militias – have truly suffered. This has created dangerous security threats in the region, forcing Morocco to adapt and put in place systems to counter the twin scourges of terrorism and extremisms. Continuer à lire … « Morocco’s Security Strategy: A comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach is the answer »