Libya/UAE – Serraj reveals more details of Abu Dhabi Hafter agreement

During his meeting with Mayors of Libya’s western region yesterday, Presidency Council and Government of National Accord head, Faiez Serraj, confirmed the following points agreed upon at the Abu Dhabi meeting with Libyan National Army (LNA) Commander Khalifa Hafter: Continuer à lire … « Libya/UAE – Serraj reveals more details of Abu Dhabi Hafter agreement »

Libya won’t restart largest field until militia leaves

2019/02/25 – Libya’s state-run National Oil Corp refused to restart the country’s biggest field after militants seized and declared it secure earlier this month. The standoff over Sharara, which can pump about 300,000 bopd, is entering its third month. NOC won’t resume production while armed groups are there, the company’s chairman Mustafa Sanalla said on Sunday. The Libyan National Army, loyal to eastern leader Khalifa Haftar, controls the field and said it’s ready to restart. Continuer à lire … « Libya won’t restart largest field until militia leaves »

Libya – Libyan National Army announces start of military trials for ‘terrorist groups’

2018/08/11 – The self-styled Libyan National Army (LNA) has announced the start of military trials in eastern Libya for more than 200 people the armed group accuses of terrorism. Continuer à lire … « Libya – Libyan National Army announces start of military trials for ‘terrorist groups’ »

IHS Jane’s 360: Russia’s air force is using Libyan eastern airfield

2018/28/10 – Russian military aircraft have landed at an airport in eastern Libya that has been used as a military base by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), IHS Jane’s 360 reported Friday.

Open source ADS-B transponder signals have shown that two Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) Tupolev Tu-154M passenger aircraft have flown at least two missions via Al-Khadim airport. Continuer à lire … « IHS Jane’s 360: Russia’s air force is using Libyan eastern airfield »

Libya’s divisions

2018/09/15  – Libya is set to miss a mid-September deadline to fix a framework for elections in December, part of a U.N.-led effort to reunify and stabilize a country that splintered after the Nato-backed uprising which overthrew Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

The capital has been shaken by heavy clashes and a militant attack on the headquarters of state oil firm NOC, casting new doubt on the election plan. Continuer à lire … « Libya’s divisions »

Libya – Salame Affirms Difficulty to Hold Elections in Libya

2018/07/17 – Head of the UN Mission to Libya Ghassan Salame has said that “without the right conditions, it would be unwise to conduct elections” in the country.

“Without clear and strong messaging to those who would attempt to stall or disrupt these elections, the conditions will not be met,” Salame told the UN Security Council. Continuer à lire … « Libya – Salame Affirms Difficulty to Hold Elections in Libya »

Can Libya Survive Without Haftar?

2018/04/16 – Libya was thrown into further flux this past week amid reports of the death of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. His exact condition remains unclear; Haftar was reportedly hospitalized in Jordan after suffering a stroke before falling into a coma after his transfer to a hospital in France. Other sources reported that eastern strongman passed away while in Paris. Reports of his death, while unconfirmed, will significantly impact the calculus of Libya’s major players, both domestically and regionally. Haftar’s death could serve as an opportunity to revive political dialogue, but it could also trigger an escalated conflict between Libya’s competing factions that would further fragment the country.   Continuer à lire … « Can Libya Survive Without Haftar? »