Can the Sahel recapture its lost glory? #Mali

Today the vast Sahel region, lying between North and sub-Saharan Africa, is characterised by general poverty, lawlessness and the presence of terrorist groups. But it once formed one of the world’s busiest and wealthiest trading routes. Can the fortunes of this region be revived and restored to their long-lost glory? Report by Tom Collins.

2018/08/06- Across much of West Africa a trend has developed. As the Atlantic Ocean feeds the economic powerhouses on the coast, the Sahara has given way to instability, contraband and disrepair. This wasn’t always the case. In fact the very opposite was true.
Transit routes criss-crossing the desert connected once-powerful cities like Timbuktu, Gao, Djenné, and Kano with North Africa and the Middle East. Goods like gold, salt, cotton, leather and ostrich feathers were transported and traded in large caravans and it was the interior that flourished. Continuer à lire … « Can the Sahel recapture its lost glory? #Mali »