Dutch Oil and Gas Company seeks resuming operations in Libya

2019/09/01 – Dutch Oil and Gas Company « Rosen » has expressed interest in resuming operations in Libya and cooperating with the Arabian Gulf Oil Company.

This came during a meeting which included a delegation from the Dutch company, the management committee of the Arabian Gulf Company, the sales manager of Rosen, and the director of the company’s branch in Libya.

Several oil companies have expressed their desire to resume work in the country following the recovery of Libyan oil production and increase in the 2018 revenues.

Libya Observer



UK ambassador to Libya urges international community to support NOC

2018/04/12 – The United Kingdom’s ambassador to Libya, Frank Baker, has stressed the importance of international community and Libyan institutional support for the National Oil Corporation (NOC) as the country’s primary source of income. Continuer à lire … « UK ambassador to Libya urges international community to support NOC »

Niger/Sudan – New oil, gas opportunities emerge in Sudan, Niger

2018/08/11 – Some countries in Africa are emerging as potentially exciting players in the oil and gas space – from Sudan, which has emerged out of the clutches of civil war, to Niger, which is rising up as a new producer of petroleum products.

Sudanese Petroleum and Gas Minister Azhari Abdalla Abdelgader on Tuesday explained to delegates attending Africa Oil Week, in Cape Town, how Sudan’s oil production had peaked at 500 000 bbl/d in 2011. Continuer à lire … « Niger/Sudan – New oil, gas opportunities emerge in Sudan, Niger »

UK businesses set to explore emerging opportunities in Ghana oil industry

2018/06/10 – The Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce have identified Ghana as a country with many dynamic and buoyant opportunities for UK business.

The chamber said in most recently, American multinational oil and gas company, ExxonMobil Corporation has announced its entry into Ghana’s oil and gas space and will begin full operations in the country this year, joining other leading international oil companies such as Tullow Oil and Kosmos Energy. Continuer à lire … « UK businesses set to explore emerging opportunities in Ghana oil industry »

Mauritania/Iran: Mauritania ready for investment in Shiraz

2018/05/02- Mauritania commercial attache in Oman said that his country is ready to invest in the special economic zone and produce goods needed by Mauritania in Shiraz and export them.

Sheikh Ahmad Abul-Ma’ali told investment commitee of Shiraz Chamber of Commerce on Monday that Mauritania is a susceptible country boasting of capacities in various fields including mine, gas, medicine, investment and transfer of technical know-how in the economic arena. Continuer à lire … « Mauritania/Iran: Mauritania ready for investment in Shiraz »

Eni inks more accords with Sonatrch in Algeria

The Chairman and General Manager of the Algerian state company Sonatrach, Abdelmoumem Ould Kaddour, and the Chief Executive Officer of Eni, Claudio Descalzi, on Tuesday signed a series of agreements  »aimed at strengthening the integration between the two companies in jointly operated activities in the country. » Continuer à lire … « Eni inks more accords with Sonatrch in Algeria »

Libyan state oil firm to host international conference in Benghazi in October

2018/03/18 – The Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) said it will start preparing for Benghazi International conference and exhibition for oil and gas from October 9/11 this year with local and international firms’ participations. Continuer à lire … « Libyan state oil firm to host international conference in Benghazi in October »