Burkina Faso: Jihadists’ Ethnic Strategy and the Koglweogo Problem

18/12/2019 – The Sahel has quickly become an epicenter of terrorism, with the once relatively stable Burkina Faso on the verge of replacing Mali as a focal point of jihadist violence. Instability from the prolonged conflict in Libya has been emanating into Mali and beyond since the fall of Ghaddafi in 2011 and the subsequent influx of weapons and fighters. Continuer à lire … « Burkina Faso: Jihadists’ Ethnic Strategy and the Koglweogo Problem »

Mali: Nothing Religious, Just Business

13/10/2019 – Mali continues to be the most dangerous UN peacekeeping operation with over 200 dead so far. This is largely due to northern Mali, where most of these deaths occur. There was lots of violence up there since (and before) the peacekeepers arrived in early 2013. The peacekeepers are mainly African and in 2018 the combined forces suffered a death rate of about 130 per 100,000 per year (a standard measure of such things.) The rate in 2017 was nearly double that and that high rate seems to be returning in 2019. A lot of the violence has moved south to central Mali. Continuer à lire … « Mali: Nothing Religious, Just Business »

Mali ripe territory for ISIS, local militias — and they often clash

2018/05/07 – A militia in Mali claims it found the vehicle used by four American soldiers killed in an ambush by Islamist militants in neighboring Niger last fall. The discovery indicates how fighters linked to the Islamic State likely traveled between the two countries. Continuer à lire … « Mali ripe territory for ISIS, local militias — and they often clash »

Mali – West Africa: Fulani conflict getting worse

2018/05/07 – Whether in Mali, Niger or Nigeria, the nomadic Fulani herders often find themselves in conflict with farmers over scarce resources. But there is more to it than that: Often it becomes a struggle for political supremacy.

The mood is tense in the Menaka region in eastern Mali. According to Reuters, armed men raided two villages earlier this week and killed at least 16 people belonging to the Tuareg ethnic group. By the end of April, at least 40 Tuareg had been killed. The governor of Menaka, Daouda Maiga, described the perpetrators as Fulani, who were linked to the terrorist group, the so-called « Islamic State » (IS). Maiga said the act may have been a retaliatory strike after the Tuareg had supported French troops in an anti-terrorist operation. Continuer à lire … « Mali – West Africa: Fulani conflict getting worse »

Analysis: Conflict within a conflict in Mali’s northern Menaka region

2018/05/04 – Over the course of the last week, intercommunal violence within Mali’s northern Menaka region has escalated in dramatic fashion. Dozens of civilians from Tuareg and Fulani communities have been killed in massacres while ongoing counterterrorism operations are being conducted against the so-called Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (ISGS). Continuer à lire … « Analysis: Conflict within a conflict in Mali’s northern Menaka region »