Mali – Estonian infantry platoon ESTPLA-36 performs last patrol in Gao

11/08/2020 – ESTPLA-36, an Estonian infantry platoon that arrived in Mali for deployment at the beginning of April, performed its last patrol in the capital city of Gao on Sunday and is ready to hand over responsibility to the next platoon.

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Mali/Estonia – Digest: Why Estonia’s contributions in Africa continue to make sense (Opinion)

2018/16/11- Foreign news editor at daily Postimees, Martin Kutti writes in a comment for his paper why Estonia should continue to contribute to international efforts in Africa’s Sahel zone. Kutti accompanied Prime Minister Jüri Ratas (Centre) and Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces (EDF) Gen. Riho Terras to Mali earlier in October.
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Mali/Estonia – Estonian troops in Mali performing active security and patrols

2018/08/29 – Estonian infantry platoon ESTPLA-26, participating in French-led Operation Barkhane in the West African country of Mali, commenced their primary task of manning entrances and control posts at the Gao base in the northeast of the country during week ending 26 August. The unit performed the function on three separate occasions as well as carrying out a joint patrol with the French troops, it is reported by the Baltic News Service.

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The Sahel: A Hopeless Corner of the World? #Mali

2018/08/17 – We have to address the underlying cause of problems in Africa, not bury our heads in the sand

On 9 May 2018, the Estonian parliament (Riigikogu) approved sending an armoured infantry platoon to Mali. The Scouts Battalion troops deployed in Africa will participate in the French military anti-insurgent Operation Barkhane for a year. This decision must, above all, be viewed in the light of bilateral military cooperation between Estonia and France, which began with our participation in the European Union Military Training Mission in the Central African Republic in 2015. France was grateful to the countries that took part in this mission, because this allowed it to move some of its troops into Operation Sangaris that was taking place in the CAR at the same time. Continuer à lire … « The Sahel: A Hopeless Corner of the World? #Mali »

Mali/Estonia -Riigikogu to vote on sending EDF unit to Mali on May 9

2018/05/01 – The Riigikogu’s National Defence Committee decided on Monday to send a bill to the parliament’s plenum for its second reading that would allow the Estonian Defence Forces (EDF) to send up to 50 active-duty military personnel to French-led antiterror Operation Barkhane in Mali.

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Mali/Estonia: Defence Forces recruiting French translators for African mission #military #Barkhane

2018/01/23 – The Estonian Defence Forces (EDF) are looking to hire a French translator whose task will be to help Estonian military personnel communicate with French soldiers and local residents in the region of Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger.

The recruitment center of the EDF is looking for a French translator with a view to working with the Estonian personnel potentially to participate in French-led Operation Barkhane in the African region of Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger. The length of the rotation is four months plus training. In the job ad the EDF state that they may send several rotations to participate in the African mission.

Candidates must have French skills at least at the B2 level meet the standard requirements to be accepted into active service. Previous active service or completed conscript service as well as experience working and living in a French-speaking environment is a definite plus.

Estonia will likely participate in Operation Barkhane, a counterinsurgency mission in Africa led by the French. In exchange, the French will deploy a unit of their own military to Estonia as part of the British-led NATO battle group stationed in Tapa.

Defence Minister Jüri Luik is meeting French defense minister Florence Parly on Tuesday. The meeting will focus on strengthening defense cooperation, topics to be discussed also include possibilities to intensify cooperation regarding military operations.

French and Estonian military personnel previously worked together in the Central African Republic and Mali. The meeting will also discuss Estonia’s joining of Operation Barkhane.

The counterinsurgency mission in the Sahel region has been ongoing since 2014. The headquarters of the operation are located in N’Djamena, the capital of Chad. Approximately 3,000 French troops are deployed there. The United Kingdom announced last week that it is also planning to join.

Source: ERR