Turkey visits Arab allies to deepen security cooperation #Libya

04/07/2020 – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and high-ranking officials from his cabinet visited regional allies in Doha and Tripoli in the past two days, strengthening security ties with both governments. Continuer à lire … « Turkey visits Arab allies to deepen security cooperation #Libya »

Russian Arms Exports in 2019 Surpassed $15.2 Billion

23/03/2020 – Russia exported arms worth more than $15.2 billion in 2019, to around 50 different countries, Russian Deputy Defence Minister Alexander Fomin said.

« As of the end of last year, Russia maintains a leading position in the international arms market among the countries that are the main exporters of military products … The volume of exports of military products amounted to over 15.2 billion US dollars », Fomin said in an interview with the Russian Izvestia newspaper.

According to the deputy defence minister, Russia exported arms to around 50 different countries in 2019.

He also added that Russia signed agreements on military cooperation with Burkina Faso, Mali, Sudan, Suriname and the Republic of the Congo last year, which brings the total number of agreements to more than 100.

Sputnik News (Moscow-Russia) |Photo: Sputnik/Valeriy Melnikov

Sahel-Elite (Bamako-Mali)

Britain is investigating how Albanian guns were sent to Africa

21/01/2020 – Great Britain has involved the Albanian Prosecution into a series of investigative actions regarding a drug traffic case started by the Office of Customs and Revenues in the UK. Continuer à lire … « Britain is investigating how Albanian guns were sent to Africa »

Algeria Demands Adherence to UN Resolutions Banning Arms to Libya

16/09/2019 – Algeria has called for a ceasefire and cessation of all forms of military escalation in Libya. This came at a visit the UN Envoy Ghasan Salame made to the country. Algerian Foreign Minister Sabri Bugadoum said, at a meeting with the UN Envoy, his country ‘demands a ceasefire, supports a Libya-Libyan solution and respects UN Security Council’s resolutions regarding weapons ban . He also said Algeria supported work of the UN Support Mission in Libya. On his part, Salame thanked Algeria for its support of a peaceful solution, and repeated a call for all Libyan parties to be realistic and return to the peaceful track.



Italy/Niger Agreement Made Public Thanks to Freedom of Information Law #Military #Arms

2019/15/02 – The Italian organisations CILD, ASGI and Rete Disarmo have succeeded in their bid to be granted access to the content of an agreement concluded between Italy and Niger, despite opposition from the Italian government.

The three associations held a joint press conference on 6 February after winning their battle to access the content of the agreement. Continuer à lire … « Italy/Niger Agreement Made Public Thanks to Freedom of Information Law #Military #Arms »

Chad said to condition resumed ties with Israel on ‘extensive’ weapons sales

2018/02/12 – The president of Chad has presented Israel with a laundry list of demands, including significant arms sales, as a condition for renewing ties, according to a report Wednesday.

Idriss Déby’s visit to Israel this week was hailed as a historic opening between Jerusalem and the majority-Muslim African nation, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu planning a reciprocal trip in the near future to officially re-establish ties. Continuer à lire … « Chad said to condition resumed ties with Israel on ‘extensive’ weapons sales »

Azerbaijan expands sale of arms to Africa, Middle East

2018/09/25 – The Ministry of Defense Industry of Azerbaijan has expanded arms sales, the Deputy Minister of Defense Industry Yahya Musayev said at a press conference Sept. 24.

« Basically, the sale of small arms has been increased. Its main buyers are Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries. » Continuer à lire … « Azerbaijan expands sale of arms to Africa, Middle East »

Russian ship with explosives en route to Lagos detained in S.Africa

2018/08/25 – South African police said Thursday that they had boarded a Russian-registered cargo ship allegedly carrying illegal weapons and explosives en route to Lagos, Nigeria. Continuer à lire … « Russian ship with explosives en route to Lagos detained in S.Africa »

Arms, investment and ‘instructors’: Russia boosts Africa role

2018/08/19 – Touting military cooperation, arms deals and investment, Russia is making a comeback in Africa after years of inactivity and now aims to rival European countries and even China, analysts say.

Moscow has worked hard over the last three years to strengthen its position in Africa, a pace that seems to have accelerated in recent months, they say. Continuer à lire … « Arms, investment and ‘instructors’: Russia boosts Africa role »

Russia/CAR – Russian Intrigue in the Heart of Africa #military

2018/08/05 – The fact of murdering three Russian journalists in the Central African Republic (CAR) may have serious political repercussions both for the authorities in Bangui and Russia’s interests in the country. The journalists were investigating a Russian private military company; disclosing some information would harm mercenaries from the Wagner Group as well as they would possibly hit the policy implemented by the Kremlin in Africa. Continuer à lire … « Russia/CAR – Russian Intrigue in the Heart of Africa #military »