UN: Mali’s Security In Sharp Decline As Canadian Troops Begin Peacekeeping Effort

2018/11/10 – In a sobering new report, the head of the United Nations says the security situation in Mali has sharply deteriorated over the past three months even as demand for more food aid and other humanitarian assistance has skyrocketed.The assessment by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres coincides with the presence of Canadian peacekeepers in Mali, and suggests the country is in many ways worse off now than when they first arrived in June. Continuer à lire … « UN: Mali’s Security In Sharp Decline As Canadian Troops Begin Peacekeeping Effort »

Chad/Libya – Chadian armed group kidnaps six Libyans in the south

2018/08/10 – Local news outlets reported sources from Al-Fuqahaa in southern Libya as saying that six Libyans were kidnapped by a Chadian armed group.

The sources added that the abduction took place between Al-Fuqahaa and Sabha as one of the cars used by kidnappers was found sunk in desert sand, adding that the kidnappers let the women go and took the six men after stopping them on the road. Continuer à lire … « Chad/Libya – Chadian armed group kidnaps six Libyans in the south »

Libya – Six Years After a US Ambassador Was Killed in Benghazi, Libya Remains Mired in Chaos

2018/09/11 – On the night of September 11, 2012, the US diplomatic compound in Benghazi was attacked and burned. The US Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, who was visiting Libya’s eastern city, and three other US citizens lost their lives. At first, the attack was thought to have been carried out by a mob angry about a video made in the United States that mocked Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. It was later determined to be an act of terrorism. Continuer à lire … « Libya – Six Years After a US Ambassador Was Killed in Benghazi, Libya Remains Mired in Chaos »

Libya – UNSMIL publishes terms of Tripoli ceasefire

2018/09/11 – The UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) published Monday on its website the terms of the ceasefire it had brokered on September 04.

UNSMIL said the Libyan attending parties agreed to develop a monitoring and verification mechanism to consolidate the ceasefire under the oversight and guidance of the Joint Operations Centre. Continuer à lire … « Libya – UNSMIL publishes terms of Tripoli ceasefire »

France proposes sanctions against Mali peace deal spoilers

2018/08/30 – France says it has proposed that members of armed groups in Mali delaying implementation of a 2015 peace agreement should be put on a U.N. sanctions blacklist.France’s deputy U.N. ambassador Anne Gueguen told the Security Council on Thursday that the time for warnings is over and France has submitted the names of individuals – whom she did not identify – to the U.N. Security Council committee set up last year to deal with Mali sanctions.

Gueguen said a new report by the committee’s panel of experts « shed light in incontestable fashion » on some individuals associated with armed groups who are undermining the 2015 peace agreement « through their links with criminal or terrorist activity. »

To date, there are no names on the Mali sanctions blacklist.

Associated Press /SahelElite

Can Niger Rise Again as a Post-Terror Tourism Hub?

2018/05/08 – Battered by years of violence, the city of Agadez is fighting to restore itself as a popular tourist destination.

Mawli Dayak turns emotional as he quotes his late father, Mano Dayak, the legendary former rebel leader of Niger’s Tuareg community. “You can’t speak about the desert, you have to live it,” says Dayak, as our conversation in the central Niger city of Agadez veers from a formal interview to words like attay, the tea served in every Tuareg home. But Dayak’s words aren’t meant only for the residents of the city.
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DRC, Mali groups join UN black list

2018/06/27 – Several Congolese, Malian and Yemeni groups have been added to the United Nation’s annual black list of groups violating children’s rights in wartime, the world body said this week. Continuer à lire … « DRC, Mali groups join UN black list »